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half a year ago, I knew nothing about the Internet, except for people playing QQ games, watching Sina news. The Internet is full value for me! But I do a traditional business – Sales DIY personalized T-shirt (called thumb impression)! Because I was a student, school students, open a shop business. But a dismissive post changed my view of the Internet, saying that it would change my life trajectory,


one evening stroll in the school forum market, saw a lot of school business publicity of its stores in the forum, I wonder why I don’t try to propagandize? So I in the school forum made a post publicity about the thumb impression left his telephone number QQ, no! Think of the 3, 4 days later, QQ has been with me to make a T-shirt (a few people before my QQ), and I found some not school students, but others in the field. So I feel strange, I did not in his place propaganda, how can find me, I asked him how to know me, he said: "is on the Internet search.". I asked him what he had searched. He said the DIY t-shirt. So I also Baidu DIY T-shirt, actually I ranked first, I am overjoyed, it was in the school BBS hair post, together effect. I felt the power of the Internet, so I decided that my business should not be confined to my own school. To be bigger and stronger, you must have your own website.

I don’t understand any of the Internet technology, in Baidu’s help, to find the shopex shop system, choose a good template, you see other people’s share in the shopex forum, others explain, slowly on shopex know a lot! So their shop online in a week. I used the name of my former store – thumb impression.

has a shop, but the Internet has been no business, Baidu DIY T-shirt, looking for more than N pages, nor my shop. But then I don’t know why, slowly know SEO, slowly know Admin5, slowly know outdated. Just learn slowly, SEO!


shop on the long, I learned how long SEO, more than 100 night "Studuy" (the day many courses, no time on the Internet), let me learn a lot of knowledge of SEO, but also learned a lot of knowledge of php. Now I shop in my SEO, good progress, use Baidu Search "DIY" T-shirt "personalized T-shirt customized" T-shirt "custom" and so on are ranked first, every Baidu brings flow are good! Let me also business booming, less than half a year (March built site) I the website has brought me thousands of thousands of sales, sales is not my feelings before


summary: doing shop is much easier than the site, a lot easier. If we are such grassroots webmaster, if just want to rely on Web site to earn money >

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