Rookie Adsense often committed ten mistakes

novice webmaster is so-called "newborn calf not tiger", often make some as ordinary webmaster should not commit obvious mistakes, walked a lot of predecessors detour, it is a pity. In particular, here will be the common ten major mistakes summarized as follows, with a view to later people can take less detours, more harvest.

1, content acquisition excess, lack of innovation.

, the most troublesome thing to do is to create content, which is deeply touched by people. Different times, and now the content management system (CMS) a wide variety of functions are also very powerful, novice webmaster spent 2, 3 days of installation and debugging, will be able to make a new station in the twinkling of an eye. Plus a collector spend a few days, tens of thousands of articles shoudaoqinlai. But, this collection of things, GG/BD can also be included in the problem, even if a large number of included, it is difficult to search people to your station. Just think, engage in content with the same person means what you row thousands on thousands of, in front of others? Therefore, a web site, original content is very important, even have to manually fix collection title, change the layout, this is Kung Fu or not, otherwise, the more content can only be brought garbage. There is not much value, K may. Do web site, such as engaging in tourist attractions, good content should tell others have time to see more, the bad content is to tell others, this is a pile of garbage, do not close to!


2, the website does not record, the search engine has not included

many new sites have to record this step ignored, think the site has not been big, the record is natural. In fact, otherwise, do not record the web site, do not cry every day, search engines are not included, it is no wonder that others. Whether it is search engines or the future of advertising union attaches great importance to whether the site for the record, the site for the record is often faster. Filing is not a hard job unless it’s done by people.

3, blind links, cheating.

new station after doing, the first step, of course, is to promote. The promotion of natural friendship links this part, because the GG value of PR is related to external links, to enhance the search ranking of the site is very important. Of course, GG says external links are quality links, not irrelevant garbage links. What is the link that has quality? It is the link of congener website of PR value tall commonly, specific can be checked on the net. A lot of links now, the quality is uneven, only a few do fairly well. Link factories that claim to be able to link hundreds of high-quality websites and quickly boost PR values after a few minutes of registration are not. Link factory not only affects the beauty of the site, and may be GG down right, may be a lot of people do not believe, do not believe in the BD input, "adjust Link Exchange" check to see. You’re smart, but GG isn’t stupid. You’ve got a long way to go, and BD is no exception. Therefore, as far as possible to spend some time doing some link quality, even ten than a hundred strong link factory.

4, optimization >

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