Talking about the user experience of the website online consultation function

, if not a few hours a day on the Internet, can not catch up with the increasingly explosive information age. Tens of thousands of websites are on the line, off and on. Countless network product development, flicker, and then huyou. Recently, I contacted the website of a private hospital to sort out the optimization and marketing projects, including the optimization and promotion of the website. I have a problem that people do not love to see, the enterprise website or personal website pop-up or floating window, although sometimes the effect is shocking, but still not conducive to my view, professional point of talking is not conducive to the user experience.

we open some enterprise website or private hospital website, we can see the 99.9% play and on both sides of the online advisory function, the starting point is good, convenient for patients to timely online communication and consultation. But from a user experience point of view, it’s very bad. Itbulu for the following reasons, I hope you can correct me:

first, from the user’s point of view. The user to the hospital site to no more than three people, the first is also our hospital patients, Yisifumu, their ability to come to the hospital to check relevant information and hospital website. The second kind is the man who looks for information. The third is peer. As patients, we hope to find the necessary knowledge and treatment, if a few seconds to play out, ask whether or not to consult, give a variety of concessions, itself very uncomfortable patients more uncomfortable. I haven’t thought it over yet, so the pop-up window is bothering us. I don’t think so.

second, professional point of view. Do you think that experts will be fine, online all day long, waiting for patients to consult? We watch TV or radio, and some of the so-called experts can be heard online. According to rumors, we heard some patients consultation is arranged in advance.

itbulu believes that, in summary, whether private hospitals or traditional business website is best not to engage in some garish dialog box, if the patient or the purchaser wants to buy, he will call your phone, the phone is the most convenient and most direct. Don’t assume that everyone is EMAIL, talk about a QQ or MSN, and some people don’t know how to use these modern tools. If you really want to put online consulting system, we can use static plug in the location of the page, if you want to consult, of course, will click on, not you take the initiative to play out.

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