My network of ten years related to youth

"romantic color" and the "youth of the day" there is nostalgia of the domestic drama, Lenovo to my network for ten years, it is only a dream.

my net name is "free thinking", male 81 years old. I also can be called a "veteran" webmaster, here to talk about a simple process:

1998 in the school DOS, UCDOS, DOS WPS, there was no Internet cafes, computer software product is really rare, especially the simplified version of the software is much less, everyone on the black screen beating the teacher’s command dir CD……. Later learned WIN95 system was shocked. Finally, see color. I didn’t know what the computer was for, and I thought it was a powerful TV set. Ha ha, I don’t know what the Internet is. For a lot of terminology unintelligible.

1999, I was admitted to the provincial capital of the normal university that year, began to really contact computers, Internet cafes have mushroomed, but the Internet is expensive, and the speed is very slow. Learned to QQ chat, register 163 mailbox, QQ number registered N, then are 5, 6 bit so far, one has not retained, password data have long been forgotten. Do not know what to do in front of the computer, in addition to chat, is to see 163 Sina such portal news information, the impression is very deep on the beautiful personal web pages.

2000 bedroom began DIY configuration of the computer, 14 inches of CRT P3 CPU 128M memory, 20G hard disk is "luxury" configuration, the Internet using 56K "cat" dial-up, almost snail slow. Using the telephone line 200 card dial-up, found the telecom loophole, that is, just dial up 3 minutes after the charges, the result of such repeated dial N PCI MODEN bad. Can not stand the speed of the slow cat, and then all night to the Internet bar tossing all night, 5 yuan / night. The school library has learned a lot about computers and has learned a lot about hardware, software, and operating systems.

2001 has a computer class, the system of learning, WINDOWS database programming, etc., when the machine is wearing plastic sets, a few hours a week or too little, self-study HTML POHTOSHOP design, do a simple web page.

2002 has a second-hand computer of her own and has been more obsessed with computers since then.

graduated 2003, to support the west. Is very difficult to find a cafe in Guizhou, from the place of work to the Internet need to sit 30 minutes of the van, costs 2 yuan an hour, when the state gave us these volunteer teaching 600 yuan / month, in addition to the cost of living the rest of the insisted on buying computer books "computer enthusiasts" and "fan", "computer EEG" so, now that this still holds hundreds of home.

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