Wang Chuan nternet entrepreneurs need to be cautious good project identification methods a

Internet start-ups have been popular in recent years. on various building venture projects other people dazzled Liao chaotic, even I saw the phone card business to join, this is an obvious hoax. First, we must admit that many in this venture are a good project, but the lie is not in the minority, before joining the blow as if it were raining flowers, after joining it, some people will say, u88 is not afraid of people do say he failed project this website is useless? You don’t forget too much Chinese people, are cheat cheat. The story will sell memory products, almost 20 years now.. It’s still on sale. The price is not expensive. It’s 50 yuan. In fact, is a plastic toy, is purely deceptive, but now still selling, generation after generation of cheating, the previous generation did not cheat, and the next generation will continue to cheat, or China too much, liar market is also large. Get to the point, and then talk about the Internet business to join it, we have to see some useful principles and standards. I am here only to join the industry website to say, specifically, for example, catering sites, education and training sites to join.

1. Technology is unimportant, patterns and services are important,

for some internet project, people feel that they are not engaged in technology, not clear inside things, as long as we understand one thing, is for the application of general technology, as long as the use of it, don’t be garish technology got dizzy head, even more ridiculous is someone watching wow, this website do, really beautiful, decided to join, the fact that the site play some beautiful cost is very low, he did not like the house decoration, maybe thousands of dollars now, the website can do like a flower. For the industry application website, as long as the design is simple and elegant, looked comfortable on the line, we don’t need to be beautiful, no one will look at NatGeo to the website, a website to users to provide what kind of "core value" is the most important. With the art of the website and the corresponding technology, some people feel that they understand some of that site should be used such as technology or technology to realize, in fact, these still is not the most important, you said with JSP and ASP in the same way, the user will have the essential difference with people? The JSP program will be more cool than ASP? JSP maintenance cost more. Even more ridiculous is that I met a content editor for the expert to dismiss windows was not worth a hair, according to him, windows is all holes, a pile of garbage, and the fact that he has never personally arranged even a Windows server. So this is nonsense. Do industry website, always remember that technology is not the core of things, technology can have a variety of channels to obtain N, as long as you spend money, money can buy things is not what valuable things, but those ideas, some wise thoughts is the most valuable, money can not buy, can be come without. Without looking at technology, we look at patterns and services. Model generally speaking, profit model, operation model, say plainly is >

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