Do not love Guo Degang to see the horse for the dream they have a dead one thousand times X brought

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there was a X called Thor, unemployed, headhunter gave him a job to send electrician

later, X died…

ink style, black-and-white silhouette lines, will play the black humor, lithographic capital investors Zhang Yi first saw this 1 minute high cold short video, then stop, go directly from Beijing to go to Shanghai with the producer behind liaoliaoyixia afternoon……

is drunk, the average per minute die once, this X offend screenwriter yet? Anyway, this X is for Chupin – It is a worthy death., angel round of financing to a dream horse attracted 2 million capital lithography.

once there was a student who ran the test tube to shoot the video

pulled the horse tail was born in 70s is a dream horse Mo CEO, is also a network drama director, WeChat pictures of him wearing a Xu Zhimo style scarf, round glasses Xu Zheng, as well as fuzzy shelf background. His voice is warm and clear, love watching movies, reading books, people can not help wondering, science chemistry, a university student how by years of bubble into the literary prostitute


original people after graduation from the university to the literary career, he worked in the reader publishing group, CCTV-3 "happy happy" program group, set up by the end of 2013 to a dream horse, I open a company as a director. Even in the filming, business space, reading is still an indispensable part of life, Ma Mo revealed that his secretary is a motley crew "pillow". Reading can not only stimulate his artistic inspiration, but also deepen his understanding of the industry. Let Zhang heart Yi lithographic capital is not only the dead one thousand times X, and Ma mo of social video insight, he worked in iResearch, "popular DV" set up "social video research" column, CITIC publishing house has signed a Book of the same name, and the upcoming edition.


you love Guo Degang is not my dish

Su Shi said:


will try new fire tea

poetry wine.

He said:

I want to be a loyal son of

and the material lover

is as

as a poet who dreams of being a horse

I had to walk on the same road with the martyr and the clown

to a dream horse’s name is so literary, art crazy, Pre-A round of financing 8 million 500 thousand yuan news with "dream of the four word horse travels in the south are on both sides of the Changjiang River, representative of the identity of comedy in Zhao Benshan, Guo Degang’s door pounding on a door.

is for North South comedy comedy is concerned, due to geographical language >