WeChat operations how does the public number attract and retain fans

do WeChat promotion only a huge amount of fans is not enough, fans to achieve accurate, so to the final conversion time, we will have a good conversion rate, this article will talk about how to attract the public, fans of WeChat, how to retain fans. Mainly from the following points to analyze:

1, positioning.

1, before registering our account, we should have a clear orientation to our WeChat. Our industry, the crowd, the content of choice.

2, after the location, a good point name. Easy to remember, to attract attention, and it is best to let people know what you WeChat does. I like the WeChat Name: network promotion operations, WeChat had just time to understand these are not many, but it must be easy to remember, and the first to be able to know what is this industry WeChat. This eliminates a lot of inaccurate fans.

3, and finally we need to have an eye-catching avatar. A good head and name are the first impressions for fans. What we need to do is let them see us first in the big crowd and make a good impression.

two, promotion.

After the

account registration is completed, the next step is to let more people know about our account and pay attention to us. Before wrote an article called "seven practical tips" local WeChat promotion methods, three months 7000 fans inside there are several methods of promotion effect is obvious, is published in the A5, you can turn out to see. Here I will introduce several general promotion methods.

1, WeChat navigation.

WeChat navigation can give us a certain amount of traffic, because the industry is different, the traffic is not the same. Now WeChat navigation has many, to avoid advertising suspects, we can own Baidu. Find some website registration, submit, general audit is relatively fast, a long time of three days can audit passed. If you want to get more traffic in the navigation, can buy their recommendation, but according to my test, the effect is not particularly good, perhaps due to industry problems, perhaps the location problem, in short on advertising problems we consider carefully.

2, stick it.

stick before the promotion also wrote, find your fans gathered relatively high post bar, hair some will fire post. If you do not know which post will fire, you can find other post bar replies high post to copy. Then change your account’s head and signature file into your two-dimensional code. Two dimensional code picture can be properly modified, add a bit of text at the edge. So you can tell the fans what your QR code is for, and if it’s interesting, I think he’ll be interested.

3, classification information.

to 58, go to market, this two >

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