SEE STORY brand founder China’s first O2O dead 396 community wine cabinet


is the first known China marketing publications "sales and marketing" in 2007 11 (total 284th) seventy-fourth pages with 4 full page published an article "three-dimensional breakthrough, integration pioneer era", the author of the article is I. Although the intermediary did not directly mention the "396 community wine cabinet" at that time, but it was really my investment in the end of 2004. It may be China’s first O2O actual combat project.

unfortunately, today’s "396 community wine cabinet" has long since disappeared. And the ten thousand words long article, is my dream of a solemn memorial. Two days ago and a friend in the Xinhua news agency at O2O had filed 396 community chat wine project, I sigh he is also very sorry for me: "when we are just a small reporter shopping, do not have some money, or to raise the public, let you until today the Internet prevails capital fanatical moment, estimated that you is Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong generation. "


the past is gone, and now the brewmaster network, the network of wine, buy wine are also doing quite well, and I had 396 business model is also I made substantial adjustments in the glasses industry, dubbed the SEE STORY name, the door with glasses optometry car way by the market recognition, also obtained the domestic and foreign capital predators flop. The purpose of writing this article is not to commemorate, but in fact, in order to analyze the cause of the death of the project, as a wake-up call, and secondly remind the current many walking on the O2O road traditional enterprises, don’t fall into the trap.

trends are important, and the moment is more important,

most people will feel that the 396 bar is the main reason for the death of Born Under A Bad Sign, because the Internet was not so mature and widely used. At that time, most people thought the Internet was a lie. Therefore, when the 396 wine bar on the line site almost no traffic, the investment process has also been the majority of wineries, alcoholic wholesalers out of the door, I think I am a liar. Was it like the fact that Ma sold the yellow pages at first? So, at first, there were very few varieties of drinks on display on the website, and almost all of them were from my own pocket to carry the stocks. This is not, we are still in a small town in Jiangnan rented nearly 10000 square meters large warehouse (formerly state-owned Taicang beer factory warehouse)…… is not that when I was doing a nouveau riche? True reason is the outbreak of Internet gambling, on the other hand, because carry all liquor inventory the liquor is valid, the general provisions in the 10 years, so we are not afraid of…

but things aren’t what I thought they were. Although the Internet has been optimistic, slowly heat up, but the vertical electricity supplier website at the time is. I can’t hang a tree, so I opened a Taobao store right away. But those God damn express are not allowed to send liquid objects, especially wine. So the 396 wine cabinet >

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