Personal Adsense survival status make money a lot the future is worrying

from the second half of last year, a field with vigour and vitality of the Internet pornography campaigns to upgrade all domestic websites, from the grassroots webmaster to IDC (server operators) and domain name providers are difficult to escape. Data show, as of February 10th this year, the relevant departments have shut down pornographic and vulgar websites more than 1.6, not filed more than 13.6 websites. Many have achieved profitable small website revenue cut.

3 months, the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Li Yizhong admitted in an interview, the personal website adopted some overkill, but not banned personal websites, and revealed that in the first quarter to increase the intensity of rectification work.

China’s small and medium-sized webmasters are experiencing an unprecedented crisis.

money owners are not a minority,

In August 31st

2004, Baidu announced the successful acquisition of Hao123’s home of 11 million 900 thousand yuan and 40 thousand shares. Hao123 founder Li Xingping also became famous overnight.

Li Xingping at the Internet cafe administrator, to help people save money because the computer, he needs to use the network query offer accessories such information, and soon he found very difficult to find information on the Internet, the website not only Chinese content is not abundant enough, a limited number, and to those expressed by English letters one by one down. That is not an easy thing. So he thought of a solution, designed a personal web page, gathered together what he thought was a good site, and built links with them.

Hao123 network from 1999 to September 1, 2004 officially launched the Alexa global ranked twenty-sixth, more than many domestic famous professional websites, or even close to other portals TOM.

like Li Xingping the great success of individual stationmaster is very rare though, but according to the "IT Business News Network", can earn ten thousand or twenty thousand per month There are plenty of people who are.

and personal Adsense way to make money is mainly through the union advertising, sales flow, graphic advertising, membership fees and other means to achieve. And some community forums will also benefit by way of buy back rebates. To sell traffic, for example, an insider revealed that selling traffic is generally a few dollars 1000IP, and now some of the network alliance from the webmaster over there to buy, and then sold to customers. The alliance usually sells dozens of dollars, 1000IP.

iResearch analyst also said that according to the form of advertising, brand graphic advertising gradually reduce the proportion of other forms of advertising, the proportion gradually increased, China Internet is a "decentralized" trend. This is a good news for small and medium owners. Besides, the development of advertising alliance also provides more profit for small and medium station owners.

‘s prospects are grim,

, according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China at the end of 2009

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