My Taobao has been successfully built for 2 weeks

that day is probably around 9 in the evening, as usual, I will go up every day to see friends, media and speech platform to see the news, after seeing this news, —

did not know the term Taobao off, so I went to see mom in the situation, found that Taobao customers have launched more than a year, but its attractive way of promotion or people with passion, plus the usual time on the Internet, there was also the idea of starting an online shop, but worry not good Amoy goods no problem, but this way can not let me have the real goods, there is money, promotion makes the heart fierce produced himself off to join Taobao. And exchange students, they found me this idea is very good, it increases my confidence, get together will also put forward, imperceptibly to talk to more than 2 points, the basic form of a general idea, that night I sleep, because have been thinking about Taobao off.


says the idea of doing what you do has been in the mind all the time, so.


network is a very good resource, first I went to Ali mother cat column community, understand the promotion methods, and how to operate, and commission calculation method, and successfully bound my Alipay account. Next, I was in Baidu and GG search related how about Taobao promotion and customer the article, there are a lot of articles to attract me, a netizen said the best promotion has its own website, and blog traffic better, and recommend a few sites (crazydg), went in to see, really well done, very envious, but a little panic, because I am on the site a little we always feel, is a very complex matter. He knew that sina has a NCP (at that time still do not know what is NCP, is found out through the network to know someone through this blog), earned a lot of money, so they went in to see, want to register, but let a person The official website is depressed to immediately shut down the NCP, I confused, so he moved to Baidu Post Bar, see some posts said in the post, I built the station, although the garbage but good salary slogans, and leave the station exchange QQ group, also said the site is not difficult, many people ask, but to with sincerity, so I added this group, the understanding of the situation (when everyone in the group joked, hello love ask ah, I had the cheek to say: my food, please understand.), heart strengthening to establishment of idea, that night I have been up to 3 multi point.

idea is there, I’ll be on the Baidu search site related information, save a lot of related sites in the brain: think of some of the domain name, but N, nice, friendly people are registered, some puzzling to the domain name crazy shopping network, then find a suitable place to sell space. At that time there was no Internet banking, or in the afternoon to go to the post office to do a Taobao card to fix the night. Then how to use the domain name is the completion of the space, and went to the online search information, is known to analysis and understanding of some industry operation >

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