Some ideas about the new nternet connection going to shut down an unregistered domain name

news that the new Internet has issued a final ultimatum, will shut down all the domain names are not filed, then the domain name can not continue to use. It is not difficult to find, this is Xinwanghulian issued an ultimatum, as long as it is registered in the platform under the domain name, whether the site opened or not, will be for the record, otherwise in the 27 days will be Xinwanghulian punishment, cancel the domain pointer, forwarding function, stop the normal use of the domain name.

this is absolutely bad news for many new customers and domain names who have not registered domain names.

since the Ministry issued under the "on notice" carried out the total site cleanup and filing of the special action, welcomes a round of inventory of bad sites, vulgar website, the site did not record the cyclone, so many sites disappeared in a recent period of time. But these actions are aimed at websites, not targeted at domain names.

this action, if it does, will spread to the surface.

I have been standing on behalf of the new domain name registration, the name of the user has been requested to apply for the record, do not delay, for the record feel difficult for customers to provide free assistance for the record. But this action, some people can not help. If the customer has only one domain name in hand, there will be the following contradiction:

if you only have domain names and no space, you can’t get a record from the ministry. MIIT requirements for the IDC business after the opening of the record. It’s a contradiction at all, it won’t work. Each IDC business to survive, must contract customer access, no IDC chamber of Commerce, because the customer did not first record, and not to open space. Second, the customer has only one domain name to request registration, and it is not feasible.

of course, you only bought space, did not buy domain names, want to get the Ministry of industry to pass, it is nonsense.

this involves a filing subject problem. Record in the end is prepared space or prepare domain name, it is not difficult to see, according to the requirements of the Ministry of industry, the main name for the record domain name. Ministry asked only your domain name for the record, did not ask you space, "Filing"?. In itself, there are contradictions and loopholes. Because, check the domain name for the record, have to look at the space, to check your content, do not look at your space, can not understand the content. If the content of bad information, vulgar content, but not closed domain name, it must be space. Because of this loophole, many sites for the success of the record, the domain name refers to another space, and no longer need to record.

in short, as long as you use a good filing space (website) to help the domain name through the filing, everything will be saved.

but it’s not a simple matter to get the Department to pass the review. From the point of view of management, sometimes very fast, sometimes slow. For the IDC and ICP, will record the site of the Ministry of PageRank PR9 to the top of their own but hang by a thread. Sometimes you need to be serious and cautious to deal with it before you can achieve it in the end.


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