Explain the development predicament and Prospect of Witkey website

if I mention Witkey website, we will not be unfamiliar, especially the students must be particularly understanding of such a website, as a kind of task oriented websites, can be said that in 2011 when many students in the school day, or is a true skill and genuine knowledge society were shine in the pig Witkey on the site, and some even independent brands, similar to the electric grid, design planning is not stranger came out from the Witkey website brand, but in 2012, the number of registered Witkey website although surge, but the real cause is a new force was also very rare, Witkey mode is affected by a lot of questions. The stars have also come out from the Witkey website, can be said that the pig is my first stop in Wangzhuan, and later left the pig is also a lot of frustration factors.

cheat manuscript events emerge one after another, Witkey interests can not be guaranteed,

this is the main task I left the pig, because the current Witkey mode or the employer a person to say that people have released the task reins on all articles, only personal hobbies to choose your favorite articles, some immoral head even cheating by taking his vest to the Commission, It is often seen. that, although the pig Witkey website to take publicity methods improve the successful manuscript exposure, but the manuscript once encrypted, we still can not see the true face of Mount Lu, so the supervision system is bullshit. Even if the employer does not cheat, select the appropriate manuscript, then the other failed to win the bidding Witkey wasted time, which contributed to the enthusiasm of Witkey is a serious blow.

task bounty gradually decreased and has not met the normal participation in baseline

not money, I believe that this is a lot of Witkey voice, looking at the current Witkey website, has become a sales base, a LOGO only to 50 yuan, a 800 word article for only 5 yuan, like this task and there are signs of the bounty meet the eye everywhere, continue to fall, there are two reasons one is the cause of this phenomenon, many employers in the task is not clear before publishing market, two is even if employers know that industry, also the Witkey website as a charity, to give a hundred pieces can do great things, Witkey website brand, market awareness and pricing ability is very limited, which also makes Xingyi etc. all the passengers have a Amoy Do-win.

membership surge, Witkey level decreased significantly

is like a star in front of Yi said, in 2011, Witkey website can be said to have reached a peak level, according to the statistics of the pig, one day the registered members reached 2 million, this is definitely a shocking figure. While a large number of Witkey Witkey injection, also makes the quality of the overall level has dropped a lot, because many Witkey is only for Wangzhuan Wangzhuan enthusiasts, interest and no strength, but for some high task is not vague bounty, and these employers are looking at more such articles, sure of Witkey website draft pick production level >

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