Just a piece of code so that ordinary sites turned electricity supplier website


no exaggeration to say that this is an era of all the electricity supplier. But for many small and medium enterprises, there is a heart to embrace the electricity supplier, but it is difficult to find a suitable way. In general, or choose to settle in Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms, or choose self built electricity supplier. For small and medium-sized enterprises, self business cost is too high, not reliable, and settled in the big business platform, and application for the qualification certification, and pay the deposit, the establishment of credit and a series of steps, for many small and medium-sized enterprise operation is very complicated. In response to these problems, JiaSale launched a one button electricity supplier solutions, just a piece of simple code, you can make ordinary sites turn electricity supplier website.

in JiaSale view, the electricity supplier is only a solution, not only Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong is called the electricity supplier, the official website of the enterprise itself is a very good business platform. Especially for a lot of goods show enterprise official website, the distance from the electricity supplier is only one step away, it is a "buy" button". With JiaSale, users only need to choose the type of shopping cart they want, and JiaSale automatically generates the code and inserts the code into the site’s product introduction page. There will be shopping buttons, top shopping bars, side shopping bars, and bottom shopping cars.

the user application code, in addition to shopping on the web elements, JiaSale will provide a management background for the seller, including order management, payment management (payment still need to bind Alipay). After the seller shipped, you can also get through the Express query interface. Unfortunately, through the JiaSale transformation of the electricity supplier website, still does not have a complete customer service system and credit rating system, as well as after-sales protection system, and more is to rely on the brand’s own influence. For some Shanzhai websites and fake websites, JiaSale will check in the code review phase and guarantee transactions for some high-risk and high web sites.


according to JiaSale’s survey, very many small and medium-sized enterprises all have the very strong electricity supplier demand. The JiaSale does not want to change the electricity supplier, but to provide electricity providers in addition to settled platforms and self built electricity providers outside the choice, the primary solution to the needs of the majority of SMEs want electricity supplier. In particular, many websites themselves have a very rich product display, from the electricity supplier on the poor "buy button", JiaSale solution is the last mile of this demand.

stage, JiaSale was mainly located in the "product page" website, the real merchandise sales, such as manufacturers website (mobile phone manufacturers, milk powder manufacturers, mobile power supply manufacturers, brand website). In the long run, JiaSale hopes to buy this shopping

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