[dried] watercress practical experience in promoting skills

Hello everybody, I am not no blog webmaster pay no no, and today I share with you some of the promotion skills watercress, these skills are not through the blog actual combat test. All right, talk less and we’ll go straight to dry.

one, watercress diary promotion

watercress weight is very high, Baidu to watercress these high weight web site has been endowed with special weight value. If an article published at the same time in watercress and their own web site, watercress ranking is often higher than their own web site. Like the current relatively hot "micro business how to do" this keyword, ranked third is the watercress diary. No, no, the blog has been in the decoration company to do promotion, watercress diary is one of my important everywhere, but in the watercress write log, to want to rank well, have to have small skills.

1, when you are writing a bean paste journal, please fill in your key words at the tag. It helps to rank.

2, a new account, in the first two or three log is very easy to be included, the latter is included slow. But it doesn’t matter. Keep on writing. It’s only a matter of time.

3, prepare several more accounts, and don’t put eggs in one basket. Be careful with K number

4, the log can be changed to reply, reply content and content related to the article, contribute to ranking.

5, if the log ranking up, please set the log to not reply, otherwise come over to send spam spam pile of a pile, also easy to be watercress monitoring, and even delete articles.

two, watercress group promotion

watercress group promotion three levels, we separate.

1, the use of high popularity of direct promotion team. Like some constellation group, the direct promotion of Taobao customers, part-time group, direct promotion of various part-time, city group, direct marketing businesses, friends, this kind of direct post promotion, although it may often face delete posts, titles, but the effect is really good.

2, post promotion (for search engines),

watercress group’s post is also very easy to be included in the search engine, and get good rankings. This is actually similar to the log promotion. For example, we search in Baidu, "rent to which website is good", this keyword, ranked first, is not a blog before a post. But when you want to get the rank in the watercress group, you need to pay attention to the following tips.

A: since it is for search engines to prevent artificially ShanTie, the best way is to set up a team to post.

B: the establishment of their own group can not be too commercial, so if the post flow, easy to be peer report, causing the team disbanded, the team that called life, literature and art, and the post is only 10% you want to post promotion. The group that has not built before blog, there are a number of post ranking, the results were peer reports, posts and >

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