O2O benchmark start ups accelerating integration is the trend of a sudden turn for the worse

[Abstract] now is the golden age of entrepreneurs, the capital market will make those really cool cold model stand out.

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on December 9th

Internet and mobile Internet is the impact and influence of all walks of life to give hitherto unknown speed, the entrepreneurs to bring a lot of opportunities for innovation and development space, so in the past two years, a large number of start-up companies emerged. Especially in the field of O2O, a variety of people involved in all aspects of the project came into being, many of them takeaway food, home economics, home washing, home cook, etc..


in the second half of this year, a sudden change in wind direction, the original hot O2O market is like a roller coaster ride on a sudden turn for the worse. Coupled with the capital market turned cold, to the fiery O2O market mercilessly poured a pot of cold water, which can be obtained by virtue of a good idea of the times have passed.

, however, from a positive point of view, it is more like a selected group of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the quality of the O2O project. Some investors have pointed out that it is the golden age of entrepreneurs, the capital market will be cold to make those really good model stand out, investment will become more rational. At the same time, integration and mergers and acquisitions will also become the future trend of O2O.

, a sudden turn for the worse business boom

over the past two years, due to the impact of entrepreneurial boom and capital blitz, there are a large number of O2O companies set up. However, too homogeneous competition and rely on the burn expansion, the risk for many enterprises are facing closure of O2O.

bag wash CEO Lu Wenyong Tencent technology said that this phenomenon can be mainly for the following three reasons:

first, O2O field itself is burn, less money to finance enterprises difficult to survive, unless the model is good enough, there are investors willing to continue investment;

second, many O2O companies aim at the demand is not just needed, but pseudo demand. The whole O2O market environment is the need to rely on money to support, if it is false demand, investors will naturally hesitate. Lu Wenyong believes that in addition to basic necessities of life, many idle away in seeking pleasure, demand can not do, then we should look at whether the team ability and business model can attract the attention of investors.

third, entrepreneurs have misconceptions about the concept of entrepreneurial innovation. The call for entrepreneurial innovation so many people think that they are suitable for entrepreneurship, but in fact, most people are not suitable for entrepreneurship. So you will find a lot of people have the ability to go out of business, but many projects even less than a year died."

O2O is the home wash the closures of the hardest hit, such as car wash, car washing and other cloud have announced the closure of 8. It is worth noting that, in this round of winter car wash but were recently announced in talent shows itself, and a $100 million car was in November this year and completed a new round of 100 million yuan Pre-B round of financing, by the angel fund collar >