CMS development memoir template system puzzles

himself is trying to make a PHP based CMS, and in the now complex PHP world, my idea is small and confusing. When all the chiefs of CMS have covered the land, I am still struggling for some technical problems which are not worth mentioning. I really don’t know. Is it right or wrong to do so?. I wrote the process of my own development, in order to prepare myself for the future. My CMS is called bubble, I just want to make it simple and fool, let all people want to have the website construction can be simply a legitimate website, rather than blog, I think this is a lot of small business owners think. But after all, we are not out of this, what is simple, how convenient, this is the Different people, different views. In fact, a CMS workflow is quite simple, add, modify, delete, do list, do the home page, do the content. What else, nothing, but how should these content be performed? Who should be able to achieve these performance? That’s the trouble. Let the people do not understand the basic template is drive a duck onto a perch. We want to make the template as simple as possible, I can not like DISCUZ can use their products to guide users, after all, he is big brother, I’m not.

              there are two kinds of storage methods commonly used a template system, is read directly on the server directory, a directory tree, and use a plug-in configuration file, these files are classified, to facilitate the program to recognize the reading; the second is all the contents of all the templates in the database, and combinations of categories, attributes all into the table, they are more convenient to expand the management. A good method is that it makes you have write permissions for the FTP template editing user, it is convenient to modify the template, but its configuration file is not flexible, management is not sufficient; it is advantage of method two, strengthen management, easy to generate logical structure template to see, however, is not convenient for direct editing by CMS other ways. In this way, there is an obvious question of choice. What are our target groups and how should we plan the construction of templates?

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