Some ideas about making personal blogs

, a lot of people are making personal blogs now. Let me say some of my thoughts about my personal blog,


first, money, some people also want to take a personal blog to earn some money, but is indeed better than the personal blog sites to make money more difficult, because of personal blog content without a web site specific, that is to say, personal blog content is relatively loose! In fact, blog, also should chose a theme selection a theme for my blog! And then write about this, so, advertising is good, but also not to you! My whole blog are written on this article, just write eighty percent on it. Remember, it’s good to make your blog profitable if you want to make a blog,


second, good blog management, unlike website, blog is a very easy thing, he is like a personal diary, not like the website so strict, ah ah have to page navigation points clear! This will save a lot of maintenance time! But I don’t want you to also do not maintain Oh!


and original, remember that blog is not website, your website can have one hundred percent is a collection of others and forget it! Blog, in the blog, the acquisition can be justified! Keep original content in the content of the web site ninety-five percent is the best! And each big search engine is the original love! If you want to collect this thing is not possible, a blog for you!

want to take make money blogging advertising will have to talk about, remember, full page ads do not heap is not! Blog website, blog to give people the feeling that there is a feeling of home, a kind of affinity! Don’t let the advertising world, at the beginning, suggest you stick to update every day to write a two to three of original articles, adhere to two or three months! You should of course publicity during this period! It is after, want to reprint is reproduced several articles, but don’t reprint much! Don’t let visitors to your blog to see an advertisement! Maintain a four or five month, the flow up, put in advertising! I personally recommend GGAD, but Ali mother I think to do blog, because of blog advertising click rate always high not to go! But take good advertising and layout together, don’t let people go in and see you shining The ad is lying on the screen,


propaganda, regardless of the site or blog or publicity this problem is always to consider! Post Bar, message board, the own mining, a lot of someone else’s article also said that bad! I do not say


CMS this blog, I personally recommend easily blog CMS, very good, I am using, you may wish to look at the official website, this is the address:, a blog program is good, the other I have not used, not a good evaluation,


finally, I’ll nag you a few words. Personal blog is always the original one, so when you choose the topic, try not to choose those beyond your competence

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