Once again the breakdown of the website industry plastic recruitment road breakthrough

    rapid development of plastic industry, facing a talent shortage situation 2 rolling

in recent years, Korean plastic wind sweeping across China, the United States and beauty seeking lady also more and more, the plastic market development is swift and violent. Domestic development time of less than ten years, according to third party statistics, the plastic industry in 2006 the market value of 30 billion, to 2013, the market value has exceeded 200 billion, high market profits. With the rapid development of the industry, a large number of talent shortage, especially experienced plastic personnel, a large number of urgent shortage.

as a result of the shortage of talent, wages in the industry are generally high. Plastic industry is due to the cycle of recruitment, recruitment of higher wages, recruitment content in the popular on-line recruitment site will receive many resumes, but open to see many totally do not touch people also cast a resume, they are not suitable for this job, just a high salary to the. Because the plastic hospital belongs to the medical institutions, the staff have strict requirements, must not be careless. Although a large number of resumes have been received on other popular recruitment sites, many are ineffective. As a result, the personnel department found that screening during the recruitment process took a lot of time and cost. The new recruitment forced some can not be started, the hospital need to re training, the training cost is quite high, plastic surgery hospital day advertising cost is huge, the personnel can immediately enter the work state, is equal to the plastic surgery hospital is for a large number of cost savings. And many job seekers who have plastic experience and job hunting can not find an ideal job hunting channel. In the recruitment and job seekers can not reach an ideal situation, for the plastic industry professional recruitment talent web site appeared.


idea unintentionally collides and collides with a new platform,

in the spring of 2011, in Shanghai Pudong, an office building, a group of young people had to do plastic surgery hospital management system CMS team not in the chat about reason as the Korean plastic industry development Chinese plastic industry, plastic industry development Chinese found bound neither the concept of communication, is not a shortage of funds, while the domestic plastic a large number of industry talent shortage. In the present Chinese opened the medical cosmetology professional university of less than 20, while the national plastic surgery hospital has reached more than 1500, thus shaping talent is particularly valuable, it is imperative to build a bridge of domestic suitable shaping talent exchange. Snapadoo! This March 2011 plastic surgery hospital recruitment network was born, after repeatedly revised and updated in 2014 to replace the original domain name, domain name for the new plastic surgery hospital recruitment network www.zxyyzp.com, the domain name is the first letter of Pinyin abbreviation Chinese: plastic surgery hospital recruitment, very easy to remember.

plastic hospital recruitment network service target is positioned to bring the most suitable person to plastic hospital. Through continuous innovation, attracted more outstanding plastics industry talents, for plastic surgery hospital set up a bridge for job seekers to provide high-quality job search platform. There are five main features of the website: first, its positioning >

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