Grass root way with an open door 100 thousand title

· Albert, the father of modern advertising; advertising effectiveness 90% Lasker said: depending on the title. In the eyeball economy era, how to use the title to 100 thousand + reading gate, each small are still thinking about every night before going to bed. As a public 10 years of experience in public service, I would like to share my precious tips.

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– colloquial Title hits more

believes that on many girls’ mobile phones there is a APP called "little red book", and "little red book" specially recommends good foreign goods. Once a push in "10" out of stock "grab by foreigners Niubi domestics" article, there were only 150 thousand subscribers, the first day there are about 100 thousand WeChat users open reading, open rate of 66%. By the end of the second day, the number of readers in the article jumped to 420 thousand.

But in fact, the best-selling book "

" social dividend authors push a similar article, but his title is "the social dividend of 2:" detonates the little red book, compared to the title, this is obviously hard to understand, the loss for a large number of fans keen on foreign goods users.

. Curiosity drives

– create suspense

gossip and novelty never lack audience. It’s like when a man is dressed much, a man always pays attention to where he is exposed; when a woman wears less, the man pays more attention to the part that is hidden. To sum up, a man always likes to pry into something that is not to be seen.


by the Dongfeng


– Celebrity effect.

is also a celebrity, fans, fans. For this group of fans with a large number of fans, can use the recent celebrity, never use gas celebrity; can use the star of the line, never use three line star.

and wear the same sweater for the readers,

– resonates.

some time ago a popular word "heart", the advertisements are high streets and back lanes to catch the "heart" of the train, why? Go to copy resonate, the cold words into a feeling, this is the power of copy. The fact that Luo feelings at least mobile phone is successful in copy



marketing occasion

– hot spot detonation.

in this circle of marketing occasion newbest is Durex. Durex’s mission is to create "hot fun, create aging effect". Taking advantage of the marketing is not repeat ideas, to combine with their own ingenious products. During the Olympics, when other brands have dumped a rings, Durex has for the first time in 4 words, "the most simple slide home" in the marketing position.

What do I turn the


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