Creating and optimizing enterprise WeChat reference 3 misunderstandings of enterprise planning We


these days, contact some of the heads of WeChat that want to create or optimize the business. In chatting with them, I summed up three worthy of thought phenomenon, and called "enterprise planning WeChat three misunderstandings", and to chat with you.

phenomenon a: "now micro-blog is not a fire, we are playing WeChat.". We’re going to do "information push" on WeChat, "


yes, more than one enterprise, the purpose of doing WeChat is very clear, that is, "information push", they require at least one week to push 3 to 4 soft text. The best push every day, even the service number of WeChat, but also the use of technical means to break the "one month push a" ordinary road.


now is an integral part of life for many people; however, everyone on the WeChat WeChat in addiction, thinking, attention is mostly in a relatively closed and exclusive circle of friends, or from the heart, sincere love of the public, who will watch every day of an enterprise "push"

?Not to mention

, now used to WeChat’s people, their "subscription number folder" in at least 5, 6 public number, there are thoughts read the information push who every day? Now a lot of information push has been a folder, as many as vague information buried smoke.

if companies just want to do "information push" on WeChat, this is the "network of annoying small ads, small fliers" in the streets. But it’s much easier to reject these "push" on WeChat.

not because WeChat is hot but don’t think that fans have; micro signal enterprises, will see you push the soft logical, it is self deception. With their WeChat to do with the information push, it is better to think about the enterprise’s official website, micro-blog how to further optimize the media attribute? Micro-blog play properly, the official website of the enterprise community to have a mass basis, these are unable to replace WeChat.

, micro-blog, WeChat, etc. the website is a good tool to use.

phenomenon two: "what? 50 thousand bucks! So expensive! Don’t fool me! Now thousands of dollars, not even money, you can build a complete WeChat public platform!"

is now a dizzying array of WeChat technology companies on the market. Many technical companies do a certain industry WeChat templates, sold in thousands of dollars in bulk, not a few. For example: I heard that some small and medium-sized catering industry boss, happy to spend 2000 yuan to buy WeChat template, look like and 20 thousand yuan to build, at first glance, is twins, is dubious, the function not tested.

and some party colleagues exchange, they are also quite upset, struggling to plan for the customer’s WeChat operating plan, but often by those who quoted about 10 thousand yuan of WeChat technology company eliminated

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