As a webmaster should be scolded

doesn’t know that people’s lives are too depressing now, or has it become a fashion to curse people? Recently, they began to work. Although they are also engaged in websites, their websites haven’t been taken into account for a long time. Life has been busy, and rarely have time today, quiet down to Admin5, look at the news, see someone sent a QQ group, also added to chat. Unfortunately, the group has just joined the ranks of the webmaster friends and my station to do the next link, is a new site, coupled with not the same type of site, on the good rejection. Unexpectedly, this gentleman began to curse in the group after listening, I said a lot of Links website is not the same type of website, I told him there are a few people to buy links, and their friends of the station. Unexpectedly, this gentleman listens to the anger more greatly, scolds more fierce. The station is not Baidu, who will buy your station link (my station PR2), I really do not know what to say, did not explain anything, can only be depressed. Do not know if you encounter this situation is what mood? Yesterday to check their website comments, find a friend will not have been in the page could not complete guide.

also does not know whether the article can pass, just want to vent their depressed mood. The webmaster should be scolded? Or Shidao changed.

I QQ:245625 summer wind may have friends know me, ~


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