Old Xie about soft writing soft text such as prostitutes

since there is such a metaphor for soft Wen, soft Wen elements will be: taste, face, plan, place…… In this paper, it is through these elements to explain the soft text. Old Xie soft Wen experience, hope to the majority of webmaster are useful.

one, don’t really soft writing soft,

readers to buy a newspaper to read the news, few see the patient, some soft, full of running account, the price is cheap, from A to Z is our product or service, or, anyway, what good, soft Wen should not boast, should be rooted in the whole industry and the sellers concern. The author of the soft Wen requirements are: must be based on industry trends, competitive environment, the demands must not be too much, there is only one point of view, as far as possible to the news tone to write.

two, title shock

title is a soft face, the consumer decided to read an article, depending on the title, to the article with news, first of all, the title of the news value.

soft text title settings are the following several commonly used types, the author on the home appliance market example.

1, the smell of gunpowder type: × × ×, × TunJi heavily; household appliances known to "by hand";

× × electric explosive industry insider;


2, problem type: home appliance market face reshuffle,

3, curious: buy appliance industry also need to make an appointment,


4, eyeball type: carrying coins to buy air-conditioning

three, soft text plan and continuity

write soft and write the article is two concepts, excellent soft Wen must have skeleton, skeleton must be rigid. Some enterprise soft hammer East, West a mallet, sometimes also like his own petard, contradictory, I wish to write text, to write the program planning form background analysis, objective, by which point the paper, wenyiding is a system of things, a point often on appeal an article to spread is completely insufficient, must be repeated. A soft Wen said that the price is low, may not get much effect, but sixty or seventy soft Wen said so, the price is naturally low.

four, soft text vivid

news is to create something new to the media to smell, and soft text is to create new things to consumers, so soft Wen must rely on stories, pictures, hot market to "map" a fresh.

five, the importance of typesetting

different layout, different typesetting effect determines the effect of soft text, so typesetting should pay attention to the following matters:

1, select a good neighbor,

2, reasonable layout form


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