Teach you how to correctly understand the advertising alliance

website alliance for a long time, in the management of the league, see some Adsense ads, is hard for advertising, always thought that the East West light does not shine, this money earn that money, in fact this is very wrong, please think about the webmaster.

should pay attention to several problems when choosing an advertising alliance.

one, beware of deception, you need to determine the credibility of each other, to really understand each other. You can check the other party according to the record number, and check the information of each other through the WHOIS to check whether the information is consistent with the website.

two, not a lot of advertising you can really make money, visiting visitors can click on the website advertising is a qualitative, not all ads are a visitor clicks on, in fact, a visitor clicks on the ad rate is only three percent and four, see the contents should be selected, and high value good reputation in advertising delivery.

three, don’t try to cheat your friends by clicking on your ads. The ad alliance will refuse to pay all your advertising fees.


advertising should also pay attention to their own website image, not to a seemingly good temptation, regardless of the advertising content, other advertising too porn, do not think that is not their own website, and he did not like what relationship, this will make your site was reported after the risk the high K out by search engines is also high, this is a lot of visitors to see that yellow and selected as the complaint result.

five, with excessive popups will make your visitors feel disgusted, no matter how good your website content, so that you can leave a fixed number of visitors less and less, almost nothing.

six, seemingly good interests, but also need to guard against whether to cheat you do flow, and later find reasons to refuse to pay the labor you pay, careful interest is seemingly good and can not reach the math cave trap.

seven, actuary own website traffic corresponds to advertising revenue. Many stations did not flow anxious is wrong, if you stand a 200IP volume, 3 click ads, as each 1 angle relatively high, you can only get 3 yuan X0.1 X30 days a month, you will have to 9 yuan, and 100 yuan will be advertising the general full payment to you then, you may get a year before the 100 yuan.

seven, advertising is too pornographic and pop the site, mostly for long, flow down, the site life is not long, want to do a long time site, should be green, less pop, hard update website.

eight, despise some large websites, because many owners do not understand the psychology of advertising, to make money, these sites to your site done well, and the almost pornographic temptation of picture text using personal station to put yourself to absorb income through advertising alliance, which led to a station was closed a little thing, you are not, the police suggested to this kind of way, on the personal website > mercy

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