Soft Wen on the importance of the site first hand experience

wrote this article really excited, why? Before yesterday because of their writing is not good, has not been active to write the soft text. So I always feel important to write soft, but did not experience it important to what extent. 1 pm yesterday in A5 published the first article I since the site (99 car online line 50 days included 4000 Baidu experience), really did not expect it will play such a big role, this morning look at traffic doubled, and the article also by several websites reproduced the.

now, I’ll summarize what the soft writing has on the website:

one, soft Wen can bring you unexpected traffic.

two, soft text can bring you high quality links.

three, the soft can make people pay more attention to your station, some master will put your site fatal mishap and improvement methods.

four, soft Wen can let you contact a lot more helpful webmaster, and they can be targeted, will let some novice make fewer mistakes, avoid detours and closed doors.

many personal Adsense, because there is not much money to do publicity, or hire people to maintain the site, so must pay more efforts, but also need to adhere to. Individual stationmaster is omnipotent, responsible for customer service, editing, business roles, so no matter what you write, to keep learning, in order to better tomorrow, the webmaster pick up your pen and exchange it into the army.

finally thanks A5 platform, is A5 let me grow faster, and later to learn there are many, many, pay attention to A5.

article starting A5, reproduced please indicate the source: 99, car network

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