More and more cosmetic surgery but the United States and the United States and the nternet business

cosmetic surgery is not new, followed by a sharp increase in the size of the medical beauty industry.

according to Societe Generale Securities issued at the beginning of the "medical industry market industry report" series shows that in 2014 China’s medical beauty market value reached 535 billion yuan, the average growth rate of more than 15% years in the industry’s growth, it is expected that in 2019 the medical beauty market scale will break through 1 trillion yuan.

in Chinese medical beauty market, user level relatively young, 58% of users in 18-30 years old; entertainers is absolutely the main consumer, this part of the user can account for 54% of the total number of users, opinion leaders attitude stimulate medical cosmetology China consumption to a great extent.

interface news reporter learned that the current medical beauty market, the private sector is still dominant, the lack of brand led to high customer costs, traffic is the key to competition. High cost of plastic cosmetic institutions marketing, medical institutions, the United States and the 60%-70% of the profits are flowing to advertisers, and the emergence of the United States and the United States O2O platform for medical institutions to provide a very good marketing channels.

cut away Baidu promotion cake

now on the market, the United States and the United States is not a lot of start-up companies, the overall number of only about a dozen or so. But because the United States is a very vertical medical industry, and hospitals and doctors is the core of the industry, so the O2O platform is only a very small part of the medical beauty industry.

below is the main representative of the United States and the United States on behalf of the entrepreneurial platform:


to experience sharing, doctor-patient communication, as well as the presence of the United States discount medical provider O2O model, can effectively solve the problem of asymmetric information. Users can share the experience of the real case presented to alleviate the fear of medical beauty for consumers to help consumers make decisions. In addition, the collection of professional doctors as well as answers, can help consumers find the right hospital and doctors quickly and easily.

Vice president of

IDG in the capital building led to beauty della investment in the last year, in the building that medical institutions in Baidu and traditional advertisers invest cost too much, and the emergence of the Internet platform to the traditional medical beauty mechanism provides a new flow channel.

is like a public comment to cut out the food from Baidu’s advertising system, like the United States and the United States and the United States will also be a platform for medical beauty advertising agencies cut out from the Baidu system." He said.

after several years of development, whether in the scale of financing or ranking, the current medical beauty O2O platform has been a leader in the field. According to TalkingData data show that the new oxygen, more beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Yue della top in the industry.

figure is as of July TalkingData data screenshot:

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