By adjusting the keyword density to solve Baidu snapshot update slow problem

before writing this article, first of all thank SEO Research Center Moon teacher, it is under his guidance, I was successful operation. When you go through the chain, the original, write text, exchange links can make a snapshot of the site back to normal, not anti try me, here I talk about how to restore the website ranking and Baidu snapshot update slow to solve problems by adjusting keyword density.

may be due to the domain name and the chain do well because of it! I just QQ character signature do soon in Google get good rankings, QQ character signature the words about a month in Google has been ranked on the first page, but unfortunately Baidu in 500, and the site the snapshot is always behind the 2 weekend, in order to solve these two problems, I spend a lot of time, every day to write a soft Wen, looking for some of the latest snapshot of the site Links in A5, and adhere to the blog forum link, but in vain. By chance I went to the SEO Research Center found the questions can be very serious answer, so I would like to try, in the forum put forward their own problems, the Moon teacher gave me a satisfactory reply, reply to the following "first, you content keywords the number is not reasonable. We through the Baidu QQ character signature Chinese segmentation, can he divided into QQ, personality, signature, in which QQ is subject to density higher than the other 2 adverbs. Also, your external links are too weak. You have to operate it properly. Steady growth, such as an increase of 5 per day." So, I will follow Moon the teacher said to do, by updating the content QQ, personality, signature three word density, the results of the third day snapshot to normal, keyword rankings from more than 500 jump back to 60 a few, although I am not sure that this method is not 100% right or being a little good luck, just want to be able to provide a reference example for those webmaster for Baidu snapshot update slow and confused.

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