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everyone loves the car market.

Cherry provides a service of self-service car wash startups for private owners, at the beginning of the famous "PayPal" gang members $750 thousand seed investment, and in April 2012 it received $4 million 500 thousand in venture capital. Cherry provides a combination of mobile LBS is very creative car service, the car owner can stop at any position, as long as through the mobile phone in the parking position sign and send a car application, Cherry will send personnel to the designated place near the car wash car wash owners. You can sign in by the website or mobile phone App. You can use the parking street, the type of car, the color or the number of the license plate.


great poet Li Taibai once said: "I am born to be useful, money back!" entrepreneurship is a difficult thing, only continue to play their subjective initiative to harvest in the future, confidence is the power of entrepreneurship, but also a source of wisdom flowers. Confidence is not only reflected in the affirmation of self-worth, but also requires entrepreneurs to have confidence in their choice, the future is not a dream, we can succeed!

market economy has entered the era of honesty and credibility. As a special form of capital, honesty has increasingly become the foothold and source of development of enterprises, which is an era of public praise and brand trust. Entrepreneurs should be based on the integrity of the business model of exploration, because the quality of entrepreneurs determine the market reputation and development of enterprises.

failure is the mother of success, in the course of business failure is the only experience can hardly be avoided, continue to fall, continue to climb up this journey to stumbled to the other side of success, so the enterprise must have the courage, only has enough courage to face difficulties, people out of trouble, after the rain, the rainbow will

covered the blue sky!

such a huge market, caused many Nuggets influx of the car market, launched in November 2011, LBS car service of American venture Cherry, after the car is gold in a very famous.

entrepreneurship is now the first choice for many college graduates or job seekers. Every entrepreneur wants to be successful, but there are also few entrepreneurs. In such a small business trend, risks and opportunities coexist situation, suggest that entrepreneurs with their sharp eyes to seize the opportunity, and constantly try, never stagnant, because some chance, once missed, no! Then, standing in front of the business door, entrepreneurs need to do to prepare.

is a business plan to have the courage to venture

but after this beautiful car, the market service finally failed. Just a year on the line, in December 25, 2012, Cherry announced that it would shut down the service and refund the customer’s upfront payment. Cherry a total of $5 million 250 thousand in financing most boondoggle, its founder Travis VanderZanden’s answer is extremely frustrating: "Cherry transition, we wouldn’t do the car wash service".

four is to seize the opportunity of entrepreneurial ideas

is the two venture entrepreneurs must have confidence —

but in the end, Cherry is lost, lost all hope to use the Internet to transform traditional industries’ entrepreneurs — common superstition products, do not pay attention to the integration of resources under the line. This problem, whether in innovation, holy land, Silicon Valley, or in the field of Internet start-ups in China

three is honesty entrepreneurial ideas

automotive aftermarket refers to the various services used in the process of automobile sales, which covers all the services that consumers need after buying a car. The automotive service market is a very broad Jinshan, foreign vehicle manufacturing and customer service service Aftermarket market share ratio is about 1:1.5, that is to say, consumer spending in the automotive market even more than buying a car is also higher than 50%.

Cherry is quite exquisite, using the advantage of LBS mobile terminal so that owners can in any case of minutes to wash, the early development of Cherry is not good, from the line of business volume rapid growth, almost every month have doubled the number of car wash. It has even expanded its service from San Francisco to most parts of Silicon Valley. Due to the rapid development of Cherry, then decided to expand into new markets, the business area of San Diego.


is here to analyze this "say", which refers to social skills, including communication skills, social charm, and other art of speaking. 21 of the world.

five is the business to business plan "


"nice" car wash application Cherry

The idea of

throughout the ages, the success of the people, they are using their own sharp eyes to seize the opportunity. If you do not seize this opportunity to the Internet, Ma will be successful? If not create your own opportunities, a step by step development efforts, Wu Zetian can become the Chinese history the only female emperor? If Shi Yuzhu did not seize the opportunity to become the first person to eat crabs, he can have today such glory back to reality? There is no fixed rule, opportunities appear, but there are some places we can go to find, as everyone in the business network rrcyw to communicate on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from around the world can, and select the project cooperation. Opportunities are everywhere, so it is a great test for entrepreneurs to seize opportunities at the right time.

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