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in our "aunt" in the process, I am more and more deep understanding of women, their troubles are increasingly understood.

equality is not the same as "

in early July 2015, and take cloud into tens of millions more resources, helping entrepreneurs plan for start-up team launched "the rain plan", from the free cloud services, technical assistance, technical consultation, multi dimension and support the development of start-ups. The launch of the "Pan entertainment support plan", is based on the spring and take cloud on the plan, the integration of all resources, for the 2016 air pan entertainment industry, one-stop business service brings, breaking the technical barriers of Pan entertainment innovation and entrepreneurship, to help simplify and accelerate success.

I think I’m a special biology feminist. Equality is not the same, equality is respect, not the same, is respect you are a woman, I am a man, respect for them is not the same, that is equal. Biological female is to bear a great responsibility, women don’t want to have today, not because she can’t bear, or she does not want to bear, but because society does not give her a worthy of her family and make her feel "a safe environment" after the birth of a child I.


if I give birth after I give birth, and the society gives me a lot of support, the company gives me a lot of support. Say you take off your maternity leave, and you won’t get your money during pregnancy. So why don’t I have it, right?. Because today is the social metamorphosis, so there is such a group of people to support the theory, but behind it the essence behind the behind is a butterfly effect, we can not see the appearance, the statement that those men anyway, had run, as they live more comfortable…… I don’t think it’s right.

with the strong development of the Internet and mobile Internet, the rise of IP economy makes cross-border integration between various entertainment cultures become inevitable, and all industries show a trend of entertainment. "IP" as the core, to promote literature, animation, film, television, games, music, art and other different cultural products "Pan entertainment" form has become a hot business.


startups need technology and money most in the early days of startups. pan entertainment value 10W+ support program package with one-stop service required from the entertainment business, cloud distribution, cloud storage, cloud processing, video cloud, mobile application development, intelligent push, monitoring and financing docking etc.. The plan helps entrepreneurs to afford the high tech services at extremely low or even free expense, and to obtain more start-up capital through cost saving and efficient financing, so as to make the venture project grow rapidly.

equals "respect is different,"

I’m against a part of speech and social media to preach that women should talk to men, complete liberation, dare to give up, you can’t, not marriage. The very radical group said, "you don’t have to have a baby. All of your eggs are for you. You see, when you get old, you’ll still be beautiful.".

, "making entrepreneurship easier" is another commitment to cloud. In May 30th, they shoot cloud to join the micro chain, push cloud, Teambition and APICloud, to sincerely launched the "Pan entertainment support program, help text, pictures, audio and video entrepreneurs get convenient and efficient support.


my company is maternity all paid, exactly the same, how much money you used to get, how much welfare, today is a lot of money, and will not give you what post salary, performance salary, bonus wages. As long as you are pregnant women, we are especially good to you, as long as you come menstruation, you do not have to me, prove you come, the body uncomfortable, you rest to go, get paid, you can go. But you find that trust is mutual, and when you really care for them, they don’t abuse it. They’ll stand on a front line with you.

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since May 30th, where the start-up entrepreneurs – seed round A round, especially suitable for broadcast, short video, radio, digital music, pictures, social two yuan, a fan of the economy, electronic reading, games, anime new fan pan entertainment industry entrepreneurs, can be added.

I’m a special biology feminist,

sometimes I think of women in the workplace inequality, from the owner of his own employees as an additional cost, he think you every month to menstruation days that is inefficient, prepare pregnant and pregnancy is low, after the birth of a child is a problem.

in April this year, and take cloud cloud, cloud live strong released on demand products, distribution technology platform through the powerful cloud, providing live and on-demand services to accelerate, accelerate demand for one-stop video users high-speed, fast, stable and safe. At the same time, pat cloud know well the hardships and pains of entrepreneurship growth, over the years and tens of thousands of innovative enterprises to grow together, and its scene CDN services to the pan entertainment industry has unique advantages in Entrepreneurship development. Now help sing, dragonfly FM, watercress, meituan, Xiaoying over 150 thousand Internet customers to achieve the perfect acceleration.

is really ah, life is that you own, no hormones share to others, young boys and girls the same, it will be very beautiful, but so what? On this biological inheritance of


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