Six mainstream Wangzhuan model summaryMedical beauty O2O Entrepreneurship network face when

cosmetic APP first to do is qualification check, to control the audit process, to ensure that the platform is located in the regular institutions and medical practitioners qualified doctors. Docking plastic surgery throughout the country, to help patients find the local plastic surgery institutions.

is the O2O mode for the diversion of under line mechanisms, which is a common operating direction of existing platforms. In product form, >

on the other hand, there are also a few doctors who work illegally. There is still no written access mechanism for plastic surgeons in China. The training institutions are numerous and the level is uneven, and the trainees are a mixed bag. According to estimates, the national health authorities approved by the local authorities have cosmetic surgery qualifications of doctors currently only about 10 thousand, while the remaining 10 million doctors are illegal practitioners.

in the huge consumer market growth in more than 30% years, waiting to get together to enter the United States O2O entrepreneurs may be a dividend of tens of billions, but I can be

four: the industry website Web site to provide services, any one industry can set up their own websites and local website, recently, the industry is optimistic about the prospects for the development of local website, which appeared in each industry franchise type square station, we do not recommend blindly to join. To examine an alliance company from many aspects, generally have the strength of the company often add >

medical beauty group hit no qualification plastic

medical beauty industry is a typical high frequency trading, the user decision-making cycle is long, the choice cost is high. Choosing a trusted institution is rather difficult. In addition, plastic medical accidents frequently reported in the newspapers touch the nerves of potential users.


all clinics are looking for channels for their clients. This is the opportunity for plastic community entrepreneurs.

network "face" when

at the same time, plastic institutions need to invest huge amounts of promotion fees to acquire new users, and the amount of channels and sales accounts for about 50% of revenue. The most common way to promote is sh419 PPC and keywords, although prices are rising, however, the conversion rate of advertising is not high, so that agencies have to increase the amount of brokerage commission to 20%-30%..


no one will blame him for being ugly. It’s his turn to be beautiful, or even more beautiful. Where there is endless need, there is great business opportunity.

According to a survey of


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with new friends about the current mainstream six Wangzhuan method:

"formal" and "qualification" are the issues that cannot be covered in the field of medical cosmetology. This is also the patient’s choice of hospitals and doctors in the process of the primary pain point. Many people still confuse medical beauty with life beauty. In fact, the situation of cleansing and skin care and beauty salons cross-border injection is widespread.

two: a guest Wangzhuan Taobao customer is through the promotion of Taobao shop goods to earn sales commissions, the premise is the promotion of the goods must be sold only on commission. At present, Taobao passenger revenue is higher, more can earn hundreds of thousands, less earn tens of dollars is very common, but relative to the guest website Taobao alliance to a little hard, because every day to the promotion, but also to continue the choice of selling goods or goods to earn high profit many, but for the promotion of good friends can try, after all, Taobao has been the achievement of a large number of professional guest, as long as the efforts of the monthly income of over 10000 not what.

three site services: this way to make money is different from the above two methods, and even without any association. For the website construction technology, is not a short duration of time to master, must have professional knowledge through professional website, the best system of learning it, such as: through to the enterprise website or shop provide all in one service, including the site later operation and optimization, so as to improve the visibility of the enterprise and products sales, to bring better development and create greater profits and market.

advertising alliance: the main way advertising money is the construction site to make money, first need to build a website, it is best to independent domain name, such as: com, CN, net and other top-level domain, because the top-level domain name in the search engine’s weight is higher, has a great advantage for keywords ranking. After doing the site, and then go to the advertising alliance for advertising and advertising code into the site, the last step is the most crucial part is SEO, by optimizing the website, improve the keywords ranking, is the most effective method to obtain the flow of the most worry, with the flow naturally have Advertising Commission, the higher the flow more commission high.

plastic surgeons and surgical ranking of the top 25 countries and regions of the International Association of plastic surgery, plastic surgery number Chinese accounted for 12.7% of the total global plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery has become the world’s third great powers. In 2014, China’s plastic surgery industry output value has reached 510 billion yuan, the number of plastic surgery has exceeded 7 million 430 thousand. The annual growth rate is conservatively estimated at over 30%.

with the popularization of computer, people gradually deepening understanding of the Internet; information search, shopping, chatting, listening to music, watching movies, has let more and more people’s life cannot do without the Internet. Contact Wangzhuan friends all know, in addition to the Internet can bring us more convenient at the same time, also has the function of money, for just contact Wangzhuan industry newbies, can comprehensively understand the classification and rules of Wangzhuan industry, for accurate positioning and grasp their own Wangzhuan is essential, but also the required course of Wangzhuan new

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