Have flow more profitable site survivalFox how to achieve high yield by a simple page Amoy

5. search bidding. For example, shlf1314 and sh419 in China sell revenue by selling keyword locations on search pages.

so many websites make money models, there is always one that will fit you in the process of development. There is no profit and to survive by www.qianming8.cn webmaster feeds?.

2. information content charges. There are 3 types of charging: news and information content is packaged to other websites or media; users pay to browse websites; users pay for database queries.

3. service charge. Such fees are applicable to portals and professional advisory websites. The main fees are: email, home space, rental services, content customization, professional advice, and online business. My small station took a similar profit method, a signature one.

, for example, are familiar with several: search for sh419, Taobao for e-commerce, and Alibaba. Portal sina. Sohu. And users keen on , etc.. No one gives a great social and economic benefit to anyone.

please famous source, the original fox blog: www.feihu123.

of course, benefits more than the above, you can then find. Now Taobao in order to encourage the development of Amoy, introduced a policy that is as long as the generalized Taobao store goods, as long as the user is entering the shop through your links, within half a month buying behavior can be obtained a commission, have to say this is a blessing, this guest is friend can greatly improve the income the.

we can copy the successful model of their products, do a single can be done in Amoy, such as a beauty related guest site navigation, navigation, navigation, men’s or women’s bags such as navigation. The benefits of doing so there are a few points:

third, if the Commission type is relatively high, can invest in advertising to bring traffic, if the investment income ratio is properly controlled, wait for money, income is also good.

in the selection process, don’t use too complicated page program, can use a simple CMS program, do a few pages, or use an online shopping program, is a good choice, your fine not more expensive, identify the location, in order to gain maximum benefit.

in China’s burgeoning Internet market. Is a variety of Internet wealth myth definitely rises. From about 03 years to do standing is money, that is fanatical stage. The current market slogan for the user. China’s Internet is becoming more and more mature. During the period, there is no lack of good websites. That is where the wealth of the Internet lies for the people and brings convenience and resources to the people.

first, big daohangzhan completely rely on a large number of searches, in fact, the conversion rate is not very high, if it is a single type of website to increase the user experience, the weights of keywords will be improved, and avoid the keywords competition, relatively easy to get ranked.

now has become more and more difficult, because the sh419 large number of Amoy websites K, reportedly because of the same site too much, causing garbage data. No matter what the reason is because we do Amoy friends how to survive in the current environment, make their own pot of gold.

using API interface method to obtain millions of data have been impossible, and the major competition keywords is also difficult to succeed, so the guest can’t really do it? The answer is obviously negative. We all know that when the first appeared in the portal site, if you want it is not easy to grab with these big. Of course there are successfully seize, such as Tencent, is a latecomer in the example. But such examples are few, many webmaster to do another Nagasaki size, local site, or a field of doing fine and strong, such as a dedicated network of real estate, single entertainment network, friends network, in order to grab a piece of land. That there is what we can learn from it.

6. mobile value-added services SMS. Although this business is not popular in Europe and America, it is well developed in East Asia such as China, Japan and korea. Portals, entertainment sites and SP, which provides content services for text messaging, are the main beneficiaries.

4. e-commerce. Mainly B2C B means business, C means consumers, C2C, B2B, where B2B is still mainly selling membership fees, C2C mainly charge transaction intermediary fees, B2C can directly charge the corresponding profits.

second, if it is to do the promotion, more comprehensive website promotion because the audience regardless of dispersion, so the flow quality is relatively low, but if it is a type of website promotion, can go to the flow of high quality, the conversion rate will certainly increase, the Commission will come naturally.


in addition, there are many ways to make a profit, including paying games, online consulting and education, online community and making friends. In fact, the Internet is the profit pattern change rapidly to develop three-dimensional and depth direction, many new models are emerging, such as the most recent hot blog site, its pricing model in the discussion.

, and what I want to say here is, when you are involved in the construction of the Internet, how to realize your survival, how to raise your own site to a higher level?. That is, the road to profitability. First of all, advertising, advertising is almost a portal and most of the survival of the web site magic. Different websites can attract different advertisers according to the characteristics of their audience.

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