The answer is what in the end

Abstract: upgrading the transformation, for it has a no retreat, not success in the spotlight, and pay the price.


thought the so-called "technical upgrade" does not need to be too long, but it should have been silent for a month, in addition to push a text message saying "good in the first half of silence" in August 15th, again in August 31st upcoming Encore posters, and now the upcoming Encore poster has been more than a week. Should still no movement.

had to be skeptical that the current situation and state may not be optimistic. More users have expressed anger: let users wait so long, should dare to "make" is not too


review: a history of rocket growth

first look at the rocket growth history.

May 15th, "in the" online Q & a product — a paid voice in the WeChat public number, the user can be divided in a self introduction or describe areas of expertise, and set the pay quiz price, other users can also be of interest to pay to their questions. This product, at first only in the industry spread, however, at the beginning of June, the national husband Wang Sicong settled, make the score worthy of the name of the explosion a night.


began a sharp increase in the amount of users, the platform data skyrocketing situation. June 8th, Ji thirteen will be announced in the circle of friends of WeChat, the answer should be completed A round of financing, valuation of more than $100 million (including lines), this time only on the line for 24 days.

a hot continues, then in June 27th, while the momentum should held the first press conference, and announced on line 42 days results: 10 million authorized users, paying users over 1 million, 330 thousand people opened a main page, 500 thousand voice response, total transaction amount of more than 18 million, the valuation of more than $100 million.

these amazing achievements, become the core of the entire conference. In addition, the press conference, also announced the acquisition of Wang Sicong, Luo Zhenyu and other investment support. Everything seems to be full of strength and hope.

unfortunately, however, the number of Carnival did not last long.

can be seen as a release from the red burst to the cooling of the watershed, after the conference, you can clearly feel the user activity on the sub point of decline in the user churn serious. In order to ensure the degree of activity, starting in July 17th, there should be a sub robot brush volume, with the machine to answer the main question, eavesdropping. Even if should desperately push new features and new ways to increase the degree of user involvement, still conceal his weakness.

sub shut down: in the end is a technical upgrade or encounter regulatory


August 10 pm, a sub style suddenly shut down, caused by a sudden turn for the worse, speculation or may encounter WeChat blocked, "