Now a monthly income of 3 thousand beginner journeyEntrepreneurs don’t treat VC as a friend

in the creation of video game company Rocket Science CEO at the beginning, as I lack the most basic understanding of the industry, did not realize that we are operating in a complex entertainment business, rather than stay in a technology company in Silicon Valley. This foolish idea is slowly killing us.

is not to take part in venture capital meetings without knowing the agenda and not being prepared.

later, the investor told me, "Steve, we thought we had told you before the board, but it didn’t seem that both of our companies were going to vote for your next round of financing."." I instantly feel Speechless have enemies in front and rear. They are my main investors, and if they really decide not to vote for us, then no one in the country will invest in us.

has been in the online money making business for more than half a year now. Although not a veteran, I do Wangzhuan is from the beginning of March, from 0 to 0 investment income, income from 0 to the current more than 3 thousand of revenue, let me have a sufficient understanding of wangzhuan. I think everyone is bitter came over. Could not start to say how much income. For the first half of the year, 3 months have been my period of depression and irritability. I think this is for each Wangzhuan friends will experience stage. Some people do not believe Wangzhuan, actually he is still in the primary understanding. Don’t know what is your. That is what the network on a monthly income of 2 thousand dozen flying deceptive advertising. To tell you the truth, you can only say that this is in the initial stage of contact, and everyone who has just entered this line must go through a journey.

One lesson for

in the next week, we’ll have a board meeting to discuss the next round of financing. Before that, I think these VC partners are standing behind me and supporting me. We’ve reached some kind of connection, so I’m not prepared for the meeting.

during this period, when you enter this line from a higher curious heart, when later contact with all kinds of advertising Wangzhuan too busy to attend to all, you get bogged down, until one day, you cheated. This time you come to this is the original big wangzhuan. You are irritable and depressed at this time. I quit my job to do it, but I was fooled. It’s really exasperating. This time you. You dare not believe others easily, the darkness of this society, let you understand the mix of this market afresh. These experiences are often the most new understanding of Wangzhuan wangzhuan. So this time you, you not only do not earn a penny, even the old too. No reward. Why? That’s how you don’t know much about the Internet industry.

advertising alliance are very low. Moreover, the development space is also greatly limited. Because your web site customers don’t necessarily need your ad. So, before making a website, want to make money. Enough preparation is enough. If you’re making money in an advertising League, choose a good advertising alliance and plan your website. You want to see what specific ads are in the advertising League, and

but I know they’ve been questioning the ability of our company on the board, so it’s not too surprising to see that. I expect they will still provide us with some bridge loans or support. In the end I convinced them that if I could find someone else to give us a round, they would still consider offering us a substantial sum of money.

one day I got a call from two investors. They’re coming to San Francisco and drop in on me for lunch. I’ve known the two investors for years, and I appreciate them very much. They’re smart enough to try to figure out how the video game market works with me after the event we don’t know anything about the market and shouldn’t enter and give me guidance when I need it. Our board meetings are often harmonious and interesting.

editor’s note: Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur who founded the Silicon Valley, two Zilog and MIPS semiconductor company Computers, Rocket Science Games and other video game company, currently at the Stanford University and Berkeley university professor of entrepreneurship. Has been named "Silicon Valley’s ten most influential people", and its "Lean Startup" lean Entrepreneurship concept has affected many entrepreneurs. This article stems from the pit of his entrepreneurial experience, and draws lessons from this experience.

entrepreneurs make is not being able to properly understand the relationship between investors and their own, and sometimes they think VC is their friend.

The profits of the

I asked the investor if I was incompetent, so I refused

The most common mistake

VC is also responsible for its own investors.

network industry is normal. But the market does not rule out a mix of dark markets to magnetize them. What is Wangzhuan Wangzhuan? Is to find ways to make a profit from the internet. Where does the profit come from? Of course, it comes from the people. So the most fundamental source is the ignorant netizens. To tell the truth, never contact the users open the Internet Wangzhuan site, and whether he can understand GG advertising and content difference? Of course not. Because he is the most basic component of the network. He doesn’t know anything about the operation of the network, and some don’t need to understand it. Because everyone’s positioning is different. He may be a regular employee of a unit, or he may be a business executive. In short, they do not understand this, nor will they understand it. They look at the website just to see what they want. Look at what they are interested in. Are they advertising?. As long as he needs it, he will go. That’s why profits came into being. This profit has been given to you through an advertising agency.

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