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can I make a 400 phone call? Is it reliable? Can I guarantee it for a long time?

to 4008 service call center customer, need to apply for a "4008xxxxxx" as its national unified access code; in any country within the scope of the calling users only need to call the "4008xxxxxx" number, does not need to dial the area code, can be in accordance with the business user preset program, call direct connection to the customer designated telephone number or call center.



you can set the call number to your fixed line and then set a fully accessible or transfer call on your fixed line. Simply put, the user directly calls your call number can achieve the effect, your 400 phone can achieve what effect. The setting mode of the fixed telephone is related to your local operator. Please contact the operators who will provide service for you. To divert business there are many, such as: full access, call transfer, one double, please consult the local operators.

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can I make a 400 phone call at the same time,

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how do I check the 400 calls during the use of instant calls?

you can log on to our website: 4008.admin5, click the account management in the menu bar, and use <



what’s the rate of payment for my 400 call,

How about

our 400 telephone access circuit is very abundant, and the 400 circuit itself is not busy. As long as you set your call transfer number allows multiple users at the same time, for example: incoming trunk full access, call transfer, it will not affect the multi-user call. Of course, the number of simultaneous calls depends on the capacity of your call number, such as digital trunking that allows simultaneous 30 way calls, and N analog trunking allows simultaneous N channel calls. Simply put, the user dials directly the number of calls you set, how many calls can be allowed, and how many routes your 400 phone can support.

you for the use of the telephone is 400 world network and China Telecom to launch 400 new business, as long as your account balance is enough, you can use a long time.

China Telecom 4008 business hotline, also known as the LORD called sharing payment service for customers is a unique number called a nationwide, and the number of calls to the called customer predetermined destination telephone number or call center of the national intelligence service. The call charge for the business is paid by the principal and called.

for you can better control the charges, we now offer you the way to pay is prepaid

how can I have my 400 phone transferred to my fixed line and my mobile phone at the same time?

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