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on the development of WeChat, Ma Huateng said, WeChat was actually just a mail, but soon to make you think it is not mail. In the beginning of development, there are three teams doing at the same time, such an internal benign competition is very necessary, and only their own fight will work harder, will not let the company lost big strategic opportunities.

everyone here today is using your company’s products. That’s not apple and IBM, so you’ve got a lot of clout. I would like to begin with your experience and development. You enrolled in 1989 and chose a major in computer science. Why did you choose the computer major? How did your experience affect your later growth?


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in addition, Ma Huateng also gave entrepreneurs advice: in this era of entrepreneurship, you need to focus on small pain points, and pay attention to cross-border.

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, an astronomy fan, went to the field of communications to do cross-border business

in this dialogue, Ma Huateng showed his side is not the same as usual: a love of astronomy and science fiction; that is not a Curve Wrecker; entrepreneurship is a typical "programmer" youth, is often considered engineer partners rather than the boss. Recently, he has also successfully slimmed down through exercise.

following Qian Yingyi and Ma Huateng dialogue record by editing Tengyun:

, China’s first China entrepreneur, Tencent Inc’s chief founder and CEO, Ma Huateng, appeared in Tsinghua’s Management Global Forum in October 22, 2016. He served as a consultant committee of Tsinghua University College of Shanxi new members, and has just won the "2016 annual China prize" Qian Yingyi launched a innovation, enterprise management and their growing experience of dialogue.

Ma Huateng: when I was in high school, I got into touch with computers. I became interested in it. The more I studied it, the more varied it became, and then more and more interest in college.

in the management of the company and product development in the topic, Ma Huateng talked about his unique "Markov guidance law": the key is to make good use of each person’s special skills. When there was a problem inside the company, Ma Huateng said, "convince me, I think I have another one. I’ll listen to you, and then I’ll lead you around and make him feel like it’s him."."

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Qian Yingyi: today is the annual Tsinghua Management Global Forum. At this time of the year, we will invite a consultant member to exchange with Tsinghua students. Last year is SpaceX and Tesla CEO musk, another Advisory Committee today, we are very honored to come to our Tsinghua University, the major Tencent Inc founder and CEO Mr. Ma Huateng — this is our Tsinghua management forum invited the first Chinese entrepreneurs.

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