A machine Vostro DELL Commercial Commission 360 yuanncrease shlf1314 Adsense unit price channel art

      different channels of the same site;

      the relationship between the channel and the price is very subtle, although not generally between channels of influence each other, but in the actual delivery process we can easily observe mutual influence between the channels.

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      different site interaction channels in addition to price, other than advertising, price effects of different sites and different channels of the same site channel is similar to that of the lower channel will affect the high channel, so some sites do not put the effect of poor advice or delayed delivery. The matching effect refers to the account, advertising will be affected by the main channel, for example, you put the longest maximum flow site is car site, when the account advertisements appear in the sales of fruit station will appear on the car advertisement, this match is very difficult to obtain high price, this effect needs to be improved shlf1314 to avoid.

      problem channel

      there are many ways to increase the unit price of shlf1314 Adsense; there are legitimate, cheating, short-term, long-term, simple and complex. I cheat on the violation of the rules and methods have always been very cold, all of the methods mentioned here are fully consistent with the shlf1314 Adsense clause, and can effectively for a long time, except of course shlf1314 adjustment calculation rules.

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      in fact, at the shlf1314 Adsense in the system by a great many factors affect, as search engine optimization, many factors determine the site in the search engine results in the rankings, and any individual optimization will have its independent effect, now I want to say is the channel.

      channels for different sites

      the same site of different channels refers to the same site of different columns or different pages, ECPM low channel will affect the overall effect. If you set up multiple channels for a site, then stop temporarily on ECPM channels that are very low, often very late or poorly matched.

        Hello! Since the DELL line, get all the attention and support of all, now, DELL and Yiqifa alliance to promote its latest commercial machine Vostro series machines, and the Commission has reached 360 yuan / Taiwan, not miss good program Oh! Because places are very limited, such as to be opened, please contact our staff. After the opening of the site, if there is no order within 1 months, then Yiqifa Union has the right to stop advertising Oh! The commercial activities and the original machine desktop, notebook activity does not conflict.

1.Dell on the website advertising costs, can only be used to buy the site’s page resources including the main station and substation resources.   
2. website can not buy search engine keywords and directly connected to the dell&nb Sp; page. 
3.Dell  performance evaluation of the site is based on natural results rather than human manipulation results. Therefore, any human control results such as higher than the normal range of the number of clicks, from the dealer channel number of false orders, direct access to the Dell page pop-up cause is prohibited  . 
4. alliance website can do SEO in the nature of the natural result of search engines, but may not pay to buy keywords.  />

      don’t advertise in problem channels. The problem channels include illegal content sites, web pages with malicious code, websites with copyrighted material, and more importantly, sites that have been stopped.

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