How do PHP website optimization program

(5) web content is generally placed in the title of an article or abstract, here need to place keywords, but the entire page keywords is not easy to set up and excessive, generally set in the label, but related to the contents of the article, otherwise they will think of cheating.

(1) to appear on the label, also is the title to contain the keywords, but also need to ensure that different pages are not the same;

two, PHP site map optimization

according to the working principle of search engine, we know the users and search engines are based on keywords to target site search analysis. Through the analysis of these keywords and search traffic, we found that in the early development of Web site keywords is one of the key factors affecting the website indexed by search engines, keywords brought a large number of users at the same time also brought a lot of traffic to the site, the flow ratio of total site most of the flow. Thus, the optimization of the key words is very important for web site traffic. Keywords should be determined and is highly relevant and website content, website generally need to set the keywords in the following locations:

(4) website directory name and file name can be set as the key words, will be better in the search engines;


(3) Alt logo picture website keywords attribute can be set to the theme of the site, other pictures of Alt should put the ALT property in accordance with the picture, otherwise it will be considered cheating in the search engine;

site map optimization is also called site navigation optimization commonly known as sitemap. The site map for site visitors that visit the website "

PHP (Hypertext preprocessor) is an open source scripting language. It has absorbed many common characteristics of grammar and speech, is currently used by most WEB website development language. The Shanghai dragon PHP website optimization strategy including keyword optimization, site map optimization, static URL address and URL rewriting optimization etc.. But follow the principles of search the major search engines when these companies must optimize, otherwise you will be regarded as cheating in the Shanghai dragon, that will not only bring to website popularity and traffic, also affect the site to be included.

website suggestions!

now Shanghai dragon is basically in a wide range of applications, the PHP program of enterprise website is more and more, in fact I have love with ASP, but found a lot of foreign space now does not support ASP, so there is some research PHP, the site built, of course, want to have a good website ranking in this paper, bring traffic and sales, and I summarize Shanghai dragon in the Apache server under PHP

(2) should be put on the website keyword tags within the keywords and description, and may only appear once;

PHP, a web site keywords optimization

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