Papi sauce behind the financing of tens of thousands of venture capital investment outlet


how to arrange the contents of the parties in the capital investment in the content of the venture capital valuation bubble? How to ensure that the content of the content of the continuity of production and how to ensure the feasibility of commercial realization?

reporter Shen Junhan Beijing reported

capital for video, audio, text and many other forms of entrepreneurship, is showing unprecedented preference.

March 19th, the video from the media "Papi sauce" announced $12 million financing, it real fund, the logic of thinking, the source of capital and capital of the United star participated in the investment. March 18th, the new media video platform two more announced the completion of more than 5000 yuan of A round of financing.

February 24th, Ma Dong left Iqiyi after the company mewe media, announced the completion of the A round of financing, not a "wonderful meters" also being hit in the third quarter.

content entrepreneurs seem to be the first to usher in the spring of breaking the capital of winter. The idea that this is mainly because of the user’s demand for content in the growth, which is consistent with the trend of consumer upgrades.

Jun joint capital executive director Shao Zhenxing twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said that with the improvement of people’s living standards, the proportion of commodity consumption in disposable income is declining. In the process of consumer upgrades, the user needs to upgrade itself from the commodity itself, the evolution of consumer service upgrades. Entertainment is an important part of the service upgrade, as a source of entertainment, the content of the investment reflects the great value." He said.

CPT Capital Partners Wang Weiwei on twenty-first Century economic report said that the business environment is usually the content and channels of dispute, we generally built channels when channel is not perfect, the perfect channel began to look at the content of.

current channel has been more mature, there are WeChat, today’s headlines, as well as several large video sites, so investors tend to invest in the project to do the content of entrepreneurship." He said that for the channel side, the content is also scarce. March 10th, today’s headlines announced the establishment of 200 million yuan content investment fund, investment in more than 300 new media projects early.

Wang Weiwei also analyzed, from the entrepreneurial point of view, the threshold is not so simple a high level of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs to study the reader’s psychology, make fun of text, short video is not so difficult, but the sustainability may be a little worse.

then the parties in the content of investment capital is how to layout the venture valuations rise process, is there a bubble? How to ensure the feasibility of realization of entrepreneurial content continuity, the content of commercial production, and we should guard against the risk of


net content breakdown pattern undecided

investment opportunities exist

cornerstone capital to participate in the M media, two of the more financing, which is concerned about the content of a domestic investment in twenty-first Century