Girl where Ningning Ali listed bell came back to do what


I world network operators "day with executives, night express." This is a true description of her present life. Today, the Amoy girl He Ningning Ali listed bell identity faded aura, is growing as a true entrepreneur.




network operators in the world by Sun Shanshan

He Ningning, dressed in a white dress sitting in a row of Seven World Congress of women entrepreneurs, the Yan Zhichao high girls – "girl He Ningning, public awareness is still stuck in the Ali listed bell that will. After Ma as one of the women behind the first half of the year, He Ningning’s identity has become a female entrepreneur, and that "by face to eat but rely on strength".

fact, in addition to the identity of the Amoy girl, graduated from Hangzhou Normal University He Ningning, from 10 years has been engaged in the education of autism. Until the end of last year after the bell, she felt that their energy can play more, gradually from the Amoy girl transformation to become entrepreneurs.

April 2nd, her charity project was officially launched, a month has raised about 200 thousand of funds. As the "guardian of Vienna" sponsor caring for autistic children and their families in public welfare projects, He Ningning wants to use the Internet thinking to do something for the autism charity.

"Vienna Guardian" now every weekend in the free interest in training, information matching. Through the WeChat public account and WeChat group for various institutions, teachers, venues and children with autism and family resources docking. Starting from Hangzhou, after all, is not so simple, it will be more difficult to do than."

, however, outsiders seem difficult to change the identity of the road, He Ningning does not seem to conflict. She felt that the girls at this stage, we should do some concrete things out.

was a full-time teacher of autism, and later a part-time job girl, and then to the full-time Amoy girl, and later opened schools, has been groping in the middle." Before the charity project started, the teacher and the school to let her experience the depth of contact with the autism education industry pain points, slowly see the need to understand business logic in entrepreneurship, and listed bell girl identity is a name card of Zhang Shanliang.

at present, He Ningning has shifted the focus of the work of the public interest projects, to avoid unnecessary ambiguity in business and public relations. "And the man opened the school is not easy, now going to withdrawal heart to do public service, and public schools because there will still be some conflict of interest."


in addition to this, He Ningning is also a corresponding reduction in the part of Amoy girl shooting, asked the reason, she also said: "bring forth the new through the old, now with the trend of development, such as the now love moonfaced, aesthetic standard has been in transition. And after doing this charity project, it really does not

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