The nternet monopoly caused by the Desertification of small and medium sized entrepreneurs how A ne


for the past ten years because of government support, China demographic dividend growth, Chinese Internet industry achieved rapid development, also produced a lot of market value of billions of dollars of the company, these companies can even in the whole world and Google, and apple. Thus. In China’s Internet related market, there has been an oligopoly, the mobile Internet is becoming more and more serious desertification. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in terms of technology, capital, brand and policy and the market value of billions of billions of dollars worth of large groups compared to everywhere being unfair treatment or even discrimination.

the current application of the market environment, the survival of small and medium entrepreneurs increasingly difficult

mobile Internet is becoming more and more serious desertification, the first performance in the application market, some of the head of the APP has been firmly occupied in the user’s mobile phone, they push their applications will be easier. In monopoly pressure, many had expected good company, in the development process encountered serious violations, among them, IMO, Lianzhong, happy to steal food, interactive encyclopedia…… A series of new Internet companies in China, has become a victim of the monopoly market.


figure: small and medium entrepreneurs everywhere unfair treatment or even discrimination

secondly, the user’s download habits have quietly changed. Users are no longer browsing access to information from the web page to download applications; more through search, recommendation and other active download applications. As a result, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in terms of technology, capital, brand and policy and the market value of billions of dollars worth of billions of dollars compared to the group, can not be exposed in front of the user, awareness is not high.

small and medium entrepreneurs to survive innovation, product control is still not less

key, at the product level, the product needs innovation, need to be more innovative, but also more in line with user needs. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs should pay more attention to product innovation, in the environment of poor application market, to better fit the user, the product really do good, accord with the demand of the market and users, with more innovation, meet the needs of users of products.

for innovation, has been Chinese from the Internet to the mobile Internet, whether entrepreneurs or giants are love copy copy, some manufacturers not only the appearance of light copy function, even other code with a copy of the database. Therefore, for entrepreneurs to innovate, not plagiarism; while for large Internet companies, we should consciously abide by the protection of intellectual property rights, because of the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs born a good product is not easy, and large enterprises, may only need to spend very little cost can be copied.

how to touch the user’s product is also very important

a lot of APP entrepreneurial team is technology, product origin, often think I do a good job, the product will naturally be loved by users, in fact, the results are often wrong!

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