From online games master to shop after 85 girls sell lemon million


shop selling lemon, good package sent to the country.

warm in front of the computer orders.

June 15th, 2015 issued "Sichuan province" Internet plus "the focus of the program office of the Sichuan provincial government" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), put forward by the implantation of Internet DNA, focusing on 13 areas of manufacturing, agriculture, energy, finance, public services, e-commerce, logistics and transportation, the depth of exploration "Internet plus".

in fact, stand on the "Internet plus" outlet not only high-tech enterprises, there are many ordinary makers. They use innovation to create a spirit to change their lives, but also to bring convenience to more people. Today, we will look at a join in the field of agriculture "Internet plus" forerunner.

will play online girl, not necessarily can make money; will make money girl, not necessarily can play online games. However, the town of Anyue County, Ziyang, Taiwan, a 85 year old girl from Changsha with a period of 6 years to prove that everything is possible.

long Taiwan town next to 319 National Road, more than 10 square meters of stores, the 3 girls are constantly tapping the keyboard, which is an annual sales of over ten million shop location. More than 10 workers at the entrance of the golden lemon package, ready to send to Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Xuzhou, Harbin, Yinchuan and other places.

26 year old warm, Changsha sister, is the shop owner. She is a senior game player, who was playing giant online games, led his team ranked first in the country, playing across the line in the Hunan area ranked third. This is a "game player knows the girl", came to Anyue in 2008 to open shop selling lemonade, as of 2014, there are 9 self shop, 18 lemon sales points as well as Nanjing, Shanghai, two warehouses, last year sales reached more than 2400 yuan.

net selling Anyue lemon, last year sold 24 million legendary

warm contact with the first online game is "legend", when she was still in school, and their own set up a dedicated legendary studio.

because of the game, she met her husband now, so she has her own life". "We met in 2006, but it took a long time to get together." Warm, she finally went to the end of love, with a boyfriend to Chongqing to sell fruit.

by the end of 2008, from a carefree life, followed by her boyfriend came to the town of Ziyang County, Anyue. "When I first arrived here, I thought it was too broken. I went to his house and his boots were broken. He went out on the second day." Warm said, the living environment is very large, but she was determined to stay, and became a boyfriend, and now there is a child.

"when I got home, I found a good job, but I’m afraid I can’t do it well

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