Easy to raise the story of the struggle against the backdrop of the breakout

want to use technology to solve the trust problem, but has been involved in the vortex of distrust. In addition to work hard to enhance the technique and iterative rules, the most difficult to understand and solve or those in human grey zone, uncertainty representative X, easily raise the story of that struggle is in this background and break through the story of

in light of the stomach filled with a thick book, talked for nearly four hours, his answer is a story which seems to have some kind of invisible traction small story, a trigger one, he can bring others a tiny bit, quickly retrieved. Familiar. These stories and adventures, and stirred up, his tone, facial expression is rarely change radically. Even if what he called a "magic" event, others can be struck dumb he was still a vice, gentle appearance.

his work is his Everfount research library, his life is a work, so he did not have a lot of personal life "," so that he will not stand again at the same time, curse "he regarded as" the great cause of "work.

initial public offering

After the

is located in Yongkang Hutong dongyongchuangyegu is located in the northeast corner near the land, formerly known as Beijing gold mosaic factory, was later transformed into "Hutong creative workshop". In the "double" tide in 2014, this low to 4-5 yuan / m2 / day rental attracted many start-ups settled. That time has just registered company two months Yu Liang and five technicians moved to the 100 square meters of the alley room, Yu Liang rented a room to the technical team in the company across the ramp, "almost every day at 3 in the morning to go to work, not out of the alley." They are racing against time to development is a congregation raised products.

all the chips is one of the hottest fire outlet. China report hall data show that in 2014 the establishment of the congregation raised a total of 84 platforms, the average monthly birth of seven new platforms. From the technical team to pick up the light to raise public website development outsourcing a lot, most of them are in speculation, you simply can not do "in Chinese, bright to think the problem is that they can not solve the problem of trust," what if there is a good idea, want us to strangers first and it could be considered telecommunications fraud."

Yu Liang thought of WeChat, through our tools to generate a link, he can put the link into his circle of friends spread, his friends to help him put the link into his friend’s circle of friends spread." WeChat is an acquaintance of social products, communication convenience, coupled with the promotion of WeChat payment, is a good solution. Yu Liang said that this model is generally able to bring the spread of the three layers of relationship, based on the endorsement of WeChat acquaintances community, will be able to solve the problem of trust. Team excited.


and mobile terminal based on the chip mode and soon attracted a number of early adopters users, then all the dreams around the congregation to raise the amount of all kinds of plans, mostly Jishijibaijiqian. Until the end of the year, a name >

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