How can you verify your entrepreneurial ideas without spending a penny

editor’s note: the author of this article MitchellHarper is a typical continuous entrepreneur, he has founded 5 companies in the past 15 years, is currently the electricity supplier software provider Bigcommerce co-founder and CEO. Now many entrepreneurs just down the development of products, but the products after the launch, but finally found the product is No one shows any interest in, there is no market space, in front of all time and effort in vain. For this part of the entrepreneur, Harper in this article according to their own experience to share how not to spend a penny, you can verify the feasibility of your business ideas. I hope to have a friend.

if you start a business failure, there is only one reason, that is, you can not solve the problem for a large number of user groups they need to solve the first level". Today I want to share a very simple framework to verify the feasibility of the use of my own business ideas, hoping to help other entrepreneurs to avoid the development of user does not buy products.


framework is a framework that I used to validate the Bigcommerce (I co founded a company) in this entrepreneurial idea. Today, Bigcommerce has more than 100 thousand of paid users, the number of employees has a population of $125 million, $500.

verify that your product ideas really have a market need to be more important than anything else, and it’s important to be able to function, team, design and pricing.

if you do not get the market validation, which means that you develop products that no one is willing to spend money to buy. You spend a lot of time, energy and money on the inside, the result can only be empty, you will be frustrated.

then entered, before the recruitment and put a penny, how to verify their entrepreneurial ideas

is feasible?

step 1: write down the problem to be solved, do not write the solution

first you need to be very clear about what you are going to solve. This problem may be a problem that you or others often encounter. Note that here you only need to focus on to solve the problem, do not need to provide specific solutions — that is something.

you need to use a very concise way to describe this problem, here are two small examples:

customers can’t track them once they leave the restaurant.

is now very difficult to design social media professional quality graphics.

with this entrepreneurial ideas, think of ways to solve the problem to be refined, to use a word to be able to outline the problem.

step two: determine if the problem to be solved is a "level one"

what is a level problem, how to determine whether the problem you want to solve is

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