Want to start a business Get these three elements

introduction: entrepreneurship can consider three basic elements: 1, 2, the founder of the team; 3, products and models.

nowadays, you also said that I also said that entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, with all the passions to the heart, but the flavor? I want to toss about ten years of entrepreneurial experience, entrepreneurship can be considered three basic elements: 1, 2, the founder of the team; 3, products and models.

a, direction: development trend, social habits

entrepreneurship must take into account the development of the industry and socio-economic trends, like Lei Jun said to do the pig on the outlet. For example, Kodak, NOKIA’s choice of direction, is the lesson. Kodak is the world’s 500 strong enterprises, the production of film and camera, the camera is low frequency products stick to the user, the film is high profit products, well pattern design. Digital cameras should be felt in crisis, when NOKIA put the camera into the mobile phone standard, indicates that the industry has no future. NOKIA also fell in front of the trend, the phone was turned from a communication tool into a business tool, entertainment tools, users prefer apple’s fashion, user experience and a variety of applications.

from quality to customer satisfaction is a big step, from the function to the experience is a big step, now from the quality to the user experience to participate in the user. What is the relationship between market orientation and space? For example, several common Internet profit model, advertising, e-commerce, gaming and Internet banking, advertising plate is two, three hundred billion more than one hundred billion yuan last year, mobile phone games, e-commerce and Internet financial big dishes are calculated according to the trillion.

two, the founder of the team, with the ultimate goal:

founding team, especially the leading founder, need to have some quality, professional ability and core resources. First, to see whether the leading entrepreneurs lofty goal, strong willed. In order to endure a lofty goal in difficulty; lofty goal to do with the ultimate in the business, there are several taxi software such as taxi drops Chengwei burn eight billion to fight the market; lofty goal to attract talents, Ma did not let the world is not difficult to do business, how can let 18 Arhats follow to the end. Will be strong, no matter what kind of difficulties and problems, we must stick to it.

is a good example of Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, Liu Bang after the occupation of Xianyang, the palace also closed on the army, no immediate enjoyment of lofty goals, finally Xiang Yu’s master Han Xin, Peng Yue, Boer unto Liu Bang, on the other hand, Xiang Yu felt not in enfeoffment, returned to Pengcheng after returning to the small concubine days go by. Chu, Liu Bang is always defeated, keep on fighting, Xiang Yu defeated, the battle of Gaixia depression, although the mountain moving power, eventually lost.

alone era has passed, entrepreneurs need partners, have the same values and goals, and professional ability and personality can complement each other, the key moment to encourage each other.

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