15 2010 to beware of scam Wangzhuan

English: freezing Wangzhuan forum webmaster inexhaustible ways to make money online, and constantly update the pattern. A lot of friends through the Internet to a part-time job to earn some money, but the novice friends Chushe Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, with a superb collection of beautiful things inevitably confused and disoriented, I do not know how to start. A liar is the use of novice friends to make money and do not understand the Wangzhuan psychological deception, and often succeed. Now I finished recently in 2009 the forum, which often occur Wangzhuan scam, hope can help Chushe Wangzhuan the friend, I hope you read carefully, and remember. In the new year in 2010, can be smoothly wangzhuan. At the same time to welcome the freezing Wangzhuan Forum (www.bdiii.cn), communication and learning.

: free money Witkey

CCTV recently reported some Witkey profitable projects, so some crooks will be playing under the banner of witkey. In fact, Witkey in foreign countries is indeed a very popular money making project, but in China is not mature, the majority of Internet fraud, such as Witkey stars. In addition these crooks are often used to replace the packaging, for example, was renamed to off the shoulder, Wiki, etc., in fact, exactly the same, a superficial reform.

two: This is a part-time job easily earn 200 Wangzhuan project

easily at home part-time earn 200 who do not want to easily earn 200 days, a lot of Chinese people have a tendency of psychology, finally become fooled a lot of people! See Witkey website registered by the temptation to try using a mobile phone to verify the registration report, about mobile phone send a message will not take how much is the psychological, then the Witkey will allow you to continue to send information to deduct high charges. There will be tied to his work software Trojans, infected QQ automatically sent to your friends everywhere to make money advertising. Advertise for his website. So far a guest: our guest. Wiki.


three: always color experts, free to teach you to make money

In fact, this trick

sesame exposed several times, but there are always some friends to try holding the psychological participation. Most experts always color is a constant color website agent, whether you win or lose the game, he will earn the agency fee, so you are helping him to work, he also can give you a promise is winning 80%.

four: recruitment network typist, daily 130

this is an old scam, but there are still new fooled, because this project is really attractive, typing can make money, you do not want to move online. But the outcome is very miserable, you will find that this project needs to get the so-called signature, use your mobile phone mobile phone fee deducted result? A half, then exclaimed: Mom, put the mobile phone fraud, Lao Tzu fees cheat light. In order to deceive your mobile phone charges, such loss to the chilling, welcome

consistent contempt!

five: point advertising to make money, collect join >

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