believe that self Wangzhuan experience sharing

time always let people in the past, when you chat online, time will be in your words in the past. When you play online games, the time will not be able to find who they are in the past, when you do not know what to do when the time is not in the sense of passage. What is it? Think about yourself, has been wandering in the virtual network for 6 years, in the past 6 years, I do not know what they are doing, games, chat, read novels…… , can not find their own. Until June 08, a chance to see on the Internet for free money, I thought this is also good, the money in the network, a very hairy occupation. So go online to find information. May be tired of the Internet some false things, really do not want to waste their light shade in ignorance, so every day I was beside the computer, go to Baidu search some of higher things, want to find a good way to make money, I did the investigation. Hang up surfing, click on the mail, BUX PTC and other free Wangzhuan abroad.

tried, which had been cheated when, endured a lot of a sleepless night. But rarely by a person’s power really free Wangzhuan to earn, but to vote money not to pull off the assembly line, are stronger than those of Wangzhuan, voting is not the only way to make money.

I try to start the web page and then find some more reputable foreign clicks, ready to do. But for a long time finally spent money for others to do for me, I have all the time, I began to publicize. After more than a month of hard work, but also to pull down the dozens of referrals. I am very disappointed, I was finally ready to do regularly, at that time very happy, but we have not received the money after a long time, I was disappointed, do not know when, I have to give up the website. I am very confused. Do not know how to start, you can find a job that really suits me.

after several twists and turns, I slowly from free Wangzhuan become mature. It is a little bit better than novices. In my opinion the Wangzhuan have occupied a place in the fast very hungry heart.

I know I’ll never leave the web. I also love to make money this way, I try to find some good projects, I inadvertently found to earn 100 yuan a day Wangzhuan project, but after the training, you get paid in payment, I saw this free Wangzhuan heart very happy, I think this time I should be make, after a few days of training, to understand the advertising alliance, such as CPC CPA CPM CPL. They are taught how to use online to do some advertising to cheat benefit.

they speak very practical, it should be said that doing it perfectly, a few days after the end of the lecture, they began to let us into the formal group, but to do advertising alliance must have website that, at that time we did a website, they proposed can provide website for our use, 100 yuan of 4 websites.

at that time, I was very good at the website

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