Relead tell you the position and the phone number of the site visitors



recently, the emergence of a website called Relead visitor source analysis company, claiming to be able to turn visitors into the sales channels". Relead is a unique and mysterious visitor information database, its function is powerful enough to query the visitors personal information, archives of the company even before the visitor contact analysis tools cannot access to information.

Relead can accurately locate the visitor’s information, while analyzing the value of the visitors may bring and whether they are interested in your product or web site. Such information is of great value to any enterprise.

through the analysis of the visitor’s information, you can call the company’s information from the Relead database, the name of the company, the type of industry, size, contact information, etc.. Relead said it will join the enterprise credit risk, a new classification of information. At the same time the introduction of Relead, we can see the enterprises see almost all registered sales staff to contact.

most people can not think of, Relead is the name of the visitors can be positioned, positions, contact. This is just like a name card with the person into your door, you don’t have his own mouth, and then put on the website, name card to you, for he couldn’t afford to buy your product, depend on the ability of the enterprise itself, is the so-called "customers at home, by selling personal".

Relead also has a positioning system, you can view the visitor area. For example, the company received 500 visitors from Beijing, Shanghai, from the 100 visitors, the company can decide to set up a branch in Beijing to carry out the appropriate promotional activities.

Relead also has a strong visitor tracking mode. Visitors to the site, all the steps and accurate to the second time will be recorded. For example, Kaf food company is a product manager in this website, in his welcome screen for 5 seconds and then transferred to the product page at 1 minutes and 20 seconds, the company introduced the download file, 2 minutes after the return to the site to continue registration after 1 minutes, 5 minutes after leaving the site. With detailed browsing records, companies can even see through the customer’s psychology.

in Relead, each visitor will be awarded a "quality index", the higher the quality index, the more likely he is to buy the company’s products or services, to facilitate efficient marketing companies.

currently Relead free trial mode, only the basic functions, but to view the specific information of a visitor and browsing records to charge a price of $5 / person. The number of view, the price is relatively lower.


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