Some personal experience about website operation

first explained that this article is not my original, in the original text on the basis of my years of operational experience to join. If you have any questions please leave a message to my BLOG.


operator involved knowledge very much, including software, databases, search engines, each site layout, marketing, economic management and other aspects of knowledge and wisdom. So in the hope that everyone can understand and will see a wider vision, rather than just the keyword selection, link building as the core of the evaluation of operators. Of course, the choice of key words is a kind of wisdom between ideas, such as air tickets booking, ticket booking, you said the customer will enter what to search? This is a high probability event or small probability of choice, for a keyword ranking, will bring the actual conversion rate; while the link building is to get the ranking of the foundation, good link building will get good rankings. But still that sentence, first ask your website has no reason to rank, of course, promotion, sponsorship except. Here no matter what your misunderstanding of the operator, but from my point of view:

as a web site operators, how to make efficient and flexible operation, not only reflected in the error correction level, but more important is to analyse and solve the problems of development strategy and strategy, the following is my summary of some personal site operators:

1;           tester

repeated testing of the site itself, architecture, code layout, test results often contains a part of the user experience, so the operator must write down my feelings.

project in the development process, there is a problem not to be afraid, when the test personnel will be submitted to the test report, to try to transform themselves. May be a minor operation, so that the code is more standardized; so that the link is more reasonable; let the keyword more guidance. It may also be a major surgery to make navigation more reasonable; to make the layout more scientific; to make the architecture more artistic. All this requires the involvement of operators.

for a website or website related products, first we operators to use personally, and for the development of new products are not on the line before the trial operation of personnel is very important, try here, not just by one by one application used to process, the more important it is a reverse thinking operator, a trial for different applications. Some habits need reverse thinking people test trial. This is only a Microsoft to do the best, every new product on the line before, for many housewives for trial, asking for their opinions, although most companies or individuals are not up to the conditions like Microsoft do, but in the mind must be clear: only do empathy, is to say not only do the product designers and users of the products, so as to design suitable for users of the system or product for the market.

2) manager

the manager here is all operators, the main M

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