Webmaster essential software

webmaster software to do the main conditions with some software tools for maintaining the website when involved.

from the first page three musketeers about it, the so-called "Three Musketeers Macromedia Dreamweaver Flash

is Fireworks!

Macromedia Dreamweaver the main function is to write code in visual design ", we often use it daily site maintenance, because the visual interface it can make some people do not understand the program is easy to modify the page. Flash is the production of animation software, some of the most beautiful animation ads are from its hand. In addition to the production of animation, commonly used in the production of related dimensions of advertising animation. Fireworks image processing software, the image can be divided into ", most of the time with the use of Dreamweaver, but Fireworks is not a supporting role, the animation is very powerful, a lot of GIF animation are from his hand.

give you specific download address of these three software:



SN: WPD800-55337-35332-25795



SN: WPD800-55739-53532-55154



SN: free

followed by the introduction of communication with the server software

general webmaster communication with the server software:

4.Windows terminal server commonly known as 3389

uses this tool to manage your server as easily as the local machine. Only the target machine to open terminal services. This service is a service that comes with Windows components. No need to install third party software.

Xp, 2003 systems are equipped with remote desktop tools. Specific location: start – program – attachment – Communication – Remote Desktop Connection

download address;

http://s.top.admin5.com/soft/ terminal enhanced version.Rar

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