Small flow website profit model

now there are a lot of online SEO optimization, website ranking, the provision of Web site traffic. However, if you have done some work, but is not included, site traffic, whether you have discouraged? But if you although the website flow is small, but still see some income, you are not able to cheer up? This is the purpose of this paper, the flow of small, we have the same income. This is our reason to go on. As long as we stick to it, the flow will always come up slowly, the flow up, and your income will come rolling. The following experience does not involve any cheating!


first of all, I would like to introduce myself to this site the basic situation of learning



traffic is small enough, 100IP are not, baidu is not included, it is the so-called dumpster. Look at my income


this flow can also have these benefits, I am satisfied. If you and I are not the same as a successful webmaster or a new webmaster, I have the following suggestions:

first, if you are the first time, we must learn to control the cost of the site. Cost control should pay attention to two aspects: first, do not be fooled, that is not good to buy some cheap virtual host; two, the money to spend, that is to buy a domain name (I bought a new buy online, 138 yuan a year, whether the deal to understand people who give me some advice). From my point of view, the domain name must be bought, free space on the first line. The free space to hang up, but also to find the other, as long as the domain name can be resolved again. The use of free space in the process should pay attention to the backup file on the space and backup database. Generally do not provide free space for backup, so here to introduce a package of tools online faisunzip, we choose to use it to space folder and file backup to package, and then downloaded to the local ftp. Backup of the database, if your site’s source code /CMS backup function, it does not say that the spatial database management functions.

two, the website source code /cms first I recommend that you use the PHP program, according to my view of ASP are not. Then the blog and website blog choice, then I recommend using the WordPress website, then I recommend using phpcms. I talk about blog and website view: the blog can be very complex, with the content of love can write online, website, content classification must be clear positioning; blog program ping function, make it easier for you by Google, compared with a weak website program.

three, money can be seen, my site traffic is small enough, how to make money?

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