Gold Rush 5 years of persistence

early readers should be aware of the gold rush, I created the original intention of the gold rush station is to make money by teaching novice online money. And this profit is not profit from the novice, but profit from the recommended platform. Then the idea is quite simple, recommend a beginner into a Wangzhuan platform, he can also get some money I smoke.

and if the number of recommendations can be expanded to 500, and is a fixed, loyal readers, then the benefits must be. In fact, after 2 years of accumulation, a group of loyal readers I have their own, each recommended a feasible project Wangzhuan can quickly pull to a large number of referrals. The number of loyal downline is still growing with time, there is a new blood to join, but also to give up, but in general, the new blood to join far greater than the number of people to give up.

may have to make friends of the ideas are like me, if I have 500 referrals and loyal readers, as long as every day continue to introduce new Wangzhuan words: survey CPA, registration type Wangzhuan project and so on, that why benefits? In fact very early in the gold stand before you can do, but there are still some gaps and expected. If the general is the same type of simple Wangzhuan project, recommended for the first time if there are 500 people join it, and then the second recommended in this Wangzhuan project, probably only 50 people will participate in.

the reason is very simple, most people don’t think it necessary to operate at the same time two of the same Wangzhuan project, a project operation is good. Like to say, in the early days I recommend a very popular dish shareflare, just recommended a lot of people immediately joined. In the shareflare to change the price of China’s IP, to recommend the FileSonic disk, adding a lot less people. This is because on the one hand, there are still some people is the operation of foreign IP, no need to change; on the other hand also is done in one vigorous effort and then decline, three and exhaust problems.

give a stick, give us a little sweetness. Here, or to tell you to promote or very profitable. Recently, many owners abandoned the pure information site, diverted to do blog, is for the viscosity. Blog is the most easy to develop loyal readers, fans tools. It is written in their own voice, their own experience, to show the most real things to their readers. There are a number of their loyal readers, can I do like promotion of free resources, get prizes survey promotion etc..

As for the promotion of

there is a lot of money, I also do not do digital instructions on the other day when you query the antecedents of ranking, found the URL or bookmarks directly enter the visitors has more than 1000 people, then You’ll see. recommend how to make money.


simple idea, simple persistence, 1, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years. Determination of

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